Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made With Wood

Wood armoire – dining room – black and white

The wooden dock

My deck in black and white

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  1. love the armoire- we had one like it when I was growing up. The dock looks fabulous in black and white!


    • Thanks. I think most wood grains look good in black and white, especially rough wood like the dock and the deck. I think more polished wood looks better in color, but I wanted to try and see how it went.


  2. Excellent wood items for this week. Thanks Marilyn for playing.


  3. I don’t know… a touch of colour adds life. It would be interesting to see the B&W next to several degrees of colour then up it until the normal colour.


  4. Even in black and white, I can spot the unicorn in the cabinet!


  5. Black and white wood gives shows good details in your photos


    • Sometimes more than others. I think it depends on the lens. Some lenses give me much finer close up detail than others. The wide angle give terrific distance detail, but isn’t too great closer. But I have fun trying and sometimes, I’m too lazy to change lenses 🙂

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