Technically, these aren’t really collages. Each is a solarization of a room in the house – living room, dining room, and kitchen. Wide angle, from various vantage points.

Although these aren’t “pasted together,” they give a similar sense resulting from the visual confusion of images, the alteration of colors, the distortion of items.

These juxtapositions of “special effects” are built into my camera. I used to be able to create similar effects using paper in the dark room by opening the door and allowing a few seconds of light into the room.

Of course, back then I couldn’t predict the result — but I still can’t predict the results anyway, so this is close enough.

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

22 thoughts on “COLLAGES FROM THE HOME

    • It is one of the art settings. It used to be called “solarized,” but now it’s called something else and I forget what. I had to scroll through them until I spotted it. If you’ve got a camera that has art settings, take a look. You may have it too.

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        • Just scroll through your “art” settings. There’s a ton of stuff in there, much more than I’ve ever used and the results can be very interesting. I think a lot of us don’t use those settings much, so it’s worth just scrolling through and seeing what you’ve got. There are probably a variety of things for portraits and groups and landscapes and pets and sports too. I have use the black & white, sepia, and some of these oddballs.

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