A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds

Heron on the Housatonic River
Cardinals have scarlet beaks to match their feathers
Flying across the pond

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

32 thoughts on “BIRDS – THE PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”

    1. That was one of the very lucky catches. I don’t usually get much action in my pictures. I seem to need everything to sit still while I arrange the picture, but this was so interesting — all those different birds very excited because a lady was feeding them. What was most interesting was that those were the largest number of gulls I’ve seen in the valley. You don’t see gulls here much. They are normally shore birds. But if you look, you can also see the swan and some ducks too. Bread may not be good for them, but they sure do like it.

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  1. Now THERE’s something you don’t see every day… a Gull-winged Swan! 🙂

    That Cardinal would make an awesome feature on your door side-panels! 🙂



    1. It is interesting the way the gull in in the water right in front of the swan.

      We usually have a family of Cardinals living near us. They are one of the more common (and beautiful) local birds. And they are “all year round” birds. They don’t fly south when it gets cold. They sit and shiver through the winter.


      1. They are very pretty birds – we have nothing like them (well that colour anyways). There must not be very many predators your way in Winter ‘cos they would just shout out “Eat Me” in a snowy forest. 😉



        1. These are really small birds, so they aren’t worth hunting. The big hunting birds — owls, eagles, hawks — hunt small animals. Squirrels, rabbits, anything warm-blooded. Even baby deer.


  2. Was going through a rough patch a couple of weeks ago. Started out with one cardinal coming to sit in the back yard, then two, then four. Two have stayed and built a nest. Rough patch resolved. Peace from my beloveds watching over me.


    1. You usually won’t see TWO male Cardinals in one place, but you might see one male and a few females. The males fight for territory. We used to watch them attack each other in the winter when they are scrounging for food. I find them comforting, too. If the Cardinals are here, can the world be that bad?


  3. I LOVE these photos. Beautiful Marilyn. I LOVE birds. I want to do this challenge. How do I do it?? Just post it or is there a site I should start with? Or is it YOUR challenge? (That’s a lot of questions and the caps don’t ACTUALLY mean I’m yelling. I’m just emphasizing dramatically.)


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