Although there has never been a dearth of assholes in our world, I think this year has a special importance. Assholes are everywhere! I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out which asshole is the ultimately biggest asshole … but … wait … I think maybe I’ve got it. I don’t want to overly influence the election, so I will leave it to you, my friends, to make this critical decision.

Who is America’s biggest asshole?

I have to thank my husband and his friends for bringing this important holiday to my attention. I had long felt that the morons, jerks, and assholes in our lives were not getting the recognition they deserve.

Often ignored and disrespected, this is a special day, dedicated to them all. The assholes we love, the ones we meet on the street. The ones we worked with and for. And most especially, for those we elected to run our country.

To all assholes everywhere, this is for you.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Wow, this is a tough one. Trying to name America’s biggest asshole in this year of so many top candidates is a daunting task. However, one can’t ignore America’s most powerful asshole, Donald Trump. And then there’s his not too bright son, Don, Jr. (AKA, Fredo).

    We can’t immediately rule out Sean Hannity of Fox News, Trump’s personal media apologist. And then there Trump’s entire cabinet. Is there an award for best asshole ensemble?

    Hmm. Kellyanne Conway? Sean Spicer? Steve Bannon? Jared Kushner. The list goes on and on.

    Damn. As I said, finding America’s biggest asshole this year is gonna be is a tough.

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  2. how can we ignore sarah palin?
    (I mean that in all sincerity, she is impossible to ignore…)

    Jim Bakker who has ditched Tammy Faye, grown a “mature’ white beard and is back in full stride. no one seems to recall his glory days at ALL.

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    1. There should probably be a separate “senior asshole” category. Sarah Palin get a big one for “Stupid Female Pol,” and there are plenty of aging jerks who could easily content. But it is SUCH a big field this year, I don’t even know where to start. An overwhelming crowd, probably all of whom deserve one or more awards.

      So MANY assholes. So little time.

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  3. Gracias MrsA… I woke up this morning and thought to myself….Today I believe I’ll identify with assholes. Mystery solved.


    1. Personally, I married at least one and I’m sure I worked for at least half a dozen. There are so many in our personal and professional lives. I think this is the first year where the governments of the world have been dominated by assholes. It’s a first!


  4. I think we can all agree that the biggest asshole is …. The Trump voter To quote Darth Helmut from SpaceBalls the movie, “I’m surrounded by assholes!”


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