Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 16, 2017

Home again

I think I’ve taken more pictures indoors this year than ever before. Our granddaughter was here earlier to show off her new (old) car and we talked about going shooting.

“If it ever stops RAINING,” she said.

We get a couple of nice days … then it rains for a week. Remember how 10 days ago I went out to the garden and clipped back everything? It is now more overgrown than it was before I clipped it. Unbelievable. The entire tractor is overgrown with Virginia Creeper.

Gibbs cartooned

And butterflies! There was a tiger swallowtail and something that perfectly matched the orange lilies. I have to look it up. Black wings with a bright orange stripes along the base and two tail like projections on the top of the wings, also orange. No, I didn’t have a camera. Kaity and I looked at each other and we had that look you get when you’ve got a couple of photographers, the world is full of butterflies — and no one has a camera.

The colors of the closet



  1. Love the first photo with the light and colour effects. Butterflies always appear when you are not ready. I have now learned to have both my cameras ready for a chance shot one with the 300 lens for the butterfly in the distance, although my body does not always respond as it should.


    • I should have brought the camera. But we had just gone down to look at Kaity’s car, so i wasn’t really ready for those amazing butterflies. The black and gold one was such a perfect match for the lilies, when it was on a lily, you could barely see it was there.


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