Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 23, 2017

I don’t know if you could really call these oddballs because I took them on purpose. I’m one of the people who goes in for minor surgery and wants a local so I can watch the screens while doctors do whatever they do. Okay, probably not for heart surgery, but for other, less life-and-death stuff. I wanted to watch them do my knee years ago, but they wouldn’t let me.

Bridge and controls

So here I am, on the boat. And there are all these exciting controls with colors, beeping, and chirping. You can see how deep the water is. See the sandbars. Figure out current, waves, water motion. That’s totally cool.

My favorite control
Let’s not go thirsty.

I took pictures. What else could I do?

14 thoughts on “FLOATY BOATY ODDBALLS”

    1. And this is a tiny part of what you’d probably see on one of the big ships used by one of the recreational companies like Norwegian. Those are HUGE ships and probably have a houseful of navigation equipment. I find it fascinating too.

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      1. I worked for two years in London for the P & O Shipping company, in the days when they had the big ships and had the contract for the India and Austrlia post run. I even did a shipping examination and I learned a lot about how to load a ship with grain or oil etc. etc. but that was in the sixties. Today the P & O just do ferry services to European countries.


        1. There is a lot to learn. In theory, it’s easier than flying, but not much. There’s a lot of stuff going on in the water, around and below you and while you can’t fall our of the water like you can fall our of the air, the ocean can eat you and your ship — no matter HOW big it may be — and not even hiccup. I have always had enormous respect for the power of our oceans.


    1. We did. And I realized I’ve gotten better because I could move around the ship more or less like a normal person. Last year I was still so shaky I had trouble climbing the few steps up and down decks. So there’s progress.


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