Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – July 28, 2017

And so we have returned home. Bonnie and Gibbs did not starve in our absence. We have a functional hot water heater and surprising rise in the water pressure making me wonder how long the boiler was leaking. Our plumber said he had a lot of work cleaning up the mud that had accumulated behind it. It must have been leaking for a long time. Months? Years?

Sunset in the marina

For the past couple of days, we’ve been talking and having a lovely time. I can’t begin say what a pleasure it was to be with friends. We were having a difficult week … and it was only Wednesday. I don’t have a lot of road pictures, but I thought this one, taken yesterday evening just before the light disappeared might work.

I have two 25 mm “normal” lenses. The Olympus is fast at f1.8, but the Leica is faster at f1.4. It is also the only camera that will take a good picture when the light is very low.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

The next one is from Garry. Garry took almost all the pictures this visit … which you will see as the week progresses!

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Boat slips?



  1. Is there a difference there between boat slips and boat ramps?

    Down here we’d call that a boat ramp where you back your car and boat trailer down so you could unload your boat and then moor it while you parked the car and trailer. If i’m not mistaken the moorings float on the water as it rises and falls with the tide so one end needs to always be above the high water mark so you can walk down it without getting your feet wet. You could use a ramp like that for boats up to around 30 ft long depending upon it’s draught.



  2. Looks like a great place to launch a canoe. You take it off the roof of your car, flip it over and into the water.
    That would work. Great photos.


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