I went and actually watched McCain’s speech. While the people on Facebook are going wacko because they believe a bill has been passed, nothing has been passed. All that was done was that the proposal moved to the floor of the Senate where it can be amended and altered.

This is what John McCain actually said, in his words, not what someone on the Internet thinks you should know:

I understand that this is a painful, emotional, frightening issue for most of us, but going crazy before anything happens is not going to fix anything. Take a breath Watch the video. Breathe.

Do NOT believe the crap on Facebook. Don’t you know better by now?

I got slammed for suggesting that debate is exactly what we do need. I don’t think the majority of us prefers Obama care. We simply prefer it to the nothing that has thus far been offered in its stead. Regardless, it needs significant improvements to make it work better. Everyone, including Obama, recognize that and have recognized it since it was enacted.

Do you or do you not believe in our government? If you don’t believe in debate and compromise, what do you expect from your government? We all know that there is no alternative way for a democracy to function … so, have a little faith, people. We’re off track, but we can get back on track, too.

You live with compromise and argument, or you live under tyranny. Or hey, there’s always Putin, you know? To live in a democratic country, you have to cope with people who do not agree with you.


  1. Well said, Marilyn! I completely agree with you that debate is exactly what we do need — that is the way the Congress was set up, and each of the houses, and we have strayed too far from the original concept! I was amazed at how articulate and how strong McCain was in what he said, and how well he laid the case for debate and for compromise and getting things done! It is a shame that the one steadying force in the Senate is so ill that these may have been his last words on the floor of the Senate (I hope not, but the prognosis isn’t good).

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      1. He made some very strong points (I just went back and listened again), but I think the strongest was that the Senate is not there to support the President, but as his equals, and they should act that way! It will be interesting to see who’s listening when people get home from work and have a chance to listen to what was said!

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  2. I’m at work but I just finished listening to Senator John McCain speech. He is the voice of reason. He made many excellent points that make sense. I have hope. I must. Not just for myself but for my brother Stephen who has autism. I believe and I’m keeping Senator John McCain in my prayers. Thanks for including the full video of his speech.

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    1. It wasn’t a full hour after he gave the speech that the headlines were out announcing that the healthcare bill was “passed.” Garry — who has spent his life in news — wondered how he could have missed such an important event. The headlines are seriously misleading. All they want is that we get agitated and we watch them and they get better ratings. Everyone has an agenda and it isn’t OUR agenda. That was one of the things he said that was important. Who was really listening? No idea. But I think there are a LOT of undecided votes there. If there weren’t, this “bill” would have already passed. If the senate as a body gets it into their communal brain that THEY HAVE POWER, they can do a lot more than Trump. They have more power than the president. A lot more power. They need to use it for our good.

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      1. Thanks. I agree with you 100 %. We must not panic. I get a lot of kooky political emails that if I took seriously, well I’d be like chicken little.
        I’m also doing my part in keeping discussion open regarding the programs and services that were eliminated from my brother Stephen Group home Residence and Training Center. As Senator McCain eloquently put it we must work together. Stop allowing party lines to divide us.
        Thanks again.

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  3. Many people who read on FB and Twitter slept through civics classes in school. they are utterly clueless about how the checks and balances work, and suspect dimly it has to do with having enough money in the bank so your checks don’t bounce.

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        1. I don’t think people are actually LOOKING for a way out of the glue we are in. Everyone is too busy accusing everyone else of evil doing. There’s evil in the air, no doubt, but it isn’t everyone. We are so stuck in our own political mess, we’ve lost our ability to govern. It is worrisome.

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  4. This might be one of the better speeches of McCain’s career. Yes, we have to work together. But I believe President Obama was forced to work without input from the other side of the aisle because the Republicans refused to work with him. And now both parties are blindly refusing to act like representatives of the people they are supposed to serve and will not talk to one another. Neither party will compromise. Neither will listen to the other. Our government is broken. It is not beyond repair. But it will cost.

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    1. It’s like two cars driving towards each other at high speed on the road. Who’s going to give in first? Is anyone going to give in or are they going to crash and burn? The problem is, WE are the ones who are going to crash and burn. They play “chicken,” but we are the eggs.

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    1. Thank you. Everyone decides what they believe, but no one checks to find out if what they believe has anything to do with what really is going on. And BOTH sides do it so after a while, it becomes totally surreal. Nothing makes any sense.

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