Have any of us ever calculated the number of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and even WordPress that start out with OMG or something to that effect? The sentence which follows might — or might not — have anything to do with the opening OMG. My personal favorite is when the author tried to fully engage the excitement, shock, horror, fear, loathing, and paralyzing awesomeness of whatever event has occurred.

A friend says she has seen ones that start with “OMG! I’M 25! That’s so OLD! What can I do NOW?”

Photo – Garry Armstrong

I would expect, given that she or he has lived 25 years of life to its fullest, it’s time to make burial plans. Surely any time spent living life past 25 would be a waste. Really, hasn’t she done it all? Anything from this point on would be repetition, right?

While we were out on the water with Tom and Ellin, there was an emergency in progress. A man had fallen in the water and apparently was “swept away.” That doesn’t make a lot of sense as the water was dead calm. It was low tide with water running in to the shore — not out to sea. But we’ll skip all that for now. I’m pretty sure Garry has much more to say about the story and he took a lot of pictures, too. Garry can do news and quite probably never said OH MY GOD in all his years of reporting.

What we saw were people on jet skis closing in apparently desperately hoping to find … what? The live guy? A dead guy? If you find a floating corpse while zipping around on your jet ski, what’s your next step? IS there a next step? Can you call the Coast Guard from your jet ski? Do you watch him float away while you zip back to shore to Tweet your friends about how you saw the totally OMG coolest thing in the WORLD in the WATER?

However much we may feel that the news doesn’t do the news like it used to do it, when you think about how the news would get done without the pros? It is mind-boggling. It also makes me nearly collapse with laughter.

20 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. OMG people are so melodramatic these days! My sister said yesterday that she had read of some “family tragedy”, a person in their nineties died of natural causes. Sad yes, tragedy not really. She had a good innings.

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever used the term OMG, to express my horror or distaste at something, though I have said the words “Oh my god” before… I mean, I did grow up in the era of the Valley Girl, Like Oh my gawd! ^_^ Then again I’ll type hahaha instead of lol because I’ve never said “I laughed out loud” on purpose in my life.

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  3. OMG we had a guy walking around in the town of Schaffhausen with a chain saw. He injured a couple in the office of his sickness insurance. Our brilliant police lost him for two days, OMG, until they found him without the chainsaw and he quietly surrended. It wasn’t really funny, but as usual I found it amusing, I hate that expression, so Facebooky.

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