I had seen all the dams I could find locally, so Kaity decided it was time we found something new. This is not as easy as you might think. Many of the most scenic parts of the valley are hidden in places that aren’t marked and are not on any map.

We tried one place and it was probably attractive, but clearly required some serious hiking to find places to shoot. She and I are not hikers, so we took a pass and eventually found Roaring Dam, a long, curved dam on a lovely piece of Blackstone River. I took pictures.

5 thoughts on “ROARING DAM

    • It’s a beautiful part of the area. I don’t know if I’d ever manage to find my way back, though. We used Kaity’s GPS which is part of her iPhone. My GPS is really stupid and can’t find anything. This park we live in has probably 100 different sections. It’s why we can get so many pictures — we actually live in a National Historic Corridor, so we are surrounded by parks. Everywhere the river runs, there’s an historic park. Great for photographers, but hard to find a lot o places. They are all tucked into tiny little roads behind someone’s barn.

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      • Great that you found a new locale. Pictures are boffo. You can almost hear the water roaring!!

        “The Dam Busters” (’53/J. Arthur Rank) Richard Todd.


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