A paper is just a paper unless everyone abides by it. 

I had arranged for Shawn Perry (Clear Vision Construction) to fix the front door. He wasn’t doing the work himself, but sent two guys to do it. The quality of the work is possibly the worst I’ve seen.

No need to believe me. Here are photographs. This is less than 24 hours after the work was deemed “finished” and complete.

The name: Clear Vision Construction, Owner: Shawn Perry. If he was on your list, you might want to find a different guy. He has worked three other states and by now, he’s no doubt working a fourth. There are too many guys like this in the contractor or construction business. Typically, they target older people. We were perfect patsies.

They come into their “new” territory, do a few jobs, get a couple of recommendations. Next, they line up a batch of people like us, take the money and run. After all these years, you’d think I’d have learned. Sadly, you never get too old to get ripped off. It’s not only that they stole your money: it’s the humiliation of getting taken for a ride. Again. Trusting people used to be “the norm.” Now, it’s aberrant behavior. The world has turned.

You can write “the paper.” Sign it. But, in the end, if both parties don’t live up to an agreement, it’s a worthless. Substandard? I’m pretty sure this is at the bottom of substandard.

26 thoughts on “SUBSTANDARD? YOU THINK?”

    1. Between one thing and another, we are a LOT poorer than we were before and I don’t know how or if we’ll ever make it back again. But there’s nothing left to do but get on with it. I’m hoping that is the LAST time I get screwed by one of these guys … but you know? They are pretty good at what they do.

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  1. I doubt “substandard” would cover that disgusting display of horse pucky. It angers me every time I hear of someone being taken for a ride. Yes I understand the embarrassment, but YOU aren’t the problem here, THEY are! So disgusting!


    1. By the time you are my age, you think you’ve seen everything, experienced everything and you are sure you can’t be deceived one more time. But, it turns out, yes, you can be taken to the cleaners again, no matter how many times you’ve been there before. It IS embarrassing. And financially disastrous, too.


      1. The financial disaster I equate with. I’m sorry you are embarrassed because in truth, the perp is the problem. They took advantage and it is THEIR shame as I see it. That doesn’t discount the feelings you have, because I think with age we tend to feel worse when duped or something goes awry because we feel WE should know better by now, but SOME are very good at preying on people, it’s their life, their goal, their identity. It’s difficult to stand up against the likes of these substandard individuals. I won’t say humans because they are beneath any level of humanity in my book.


  2. It IS embarrassing when you find you’ve been scammed. We consider ourselves to be intelligent and sensible people. Marilyn really does due diligence in researching people. I’m useless when it comes to household repairs but that’s on me. What really burns me up is that I did so many stories about scammers during my working years. Now, we’re just another statistic. Dammit!!

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    1. Don’t feel bad Garry. It wasn’t your fault and we’ve all been scammed one time or another. I think going public is the best solution. The CBC has a program just for that and they call it “Go Public”. They often get very good results from it too.

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  3. I’m sure you weren’t the only ones scammed by these guys, Marilyn. It’s good to keep after them because you might just alert another one of their potential customers.

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    1. I wouldn’t have brought it up again, but the subject on WordPress today was “substandard,” so … But much as I resent them and am angry with them, I also don’t want to make anger and resentment my life’s work. It’s easy to spend your life angry at everything.

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    1. There are so many of these guys. I don’t even understand. Some of them are actually — or were — competent. But apparently ripping people off is a better deal? Yet I don’t think it really is because these guys are always on the move. They never have a business or a life, so what’s the point?


    1. I don’t even get why he would do that? IF (assuming) he has any competence as a carpenter or contractor, why not build a business? Make a life? I’m sure that running from town to town with angry customers behind him isn’t very rewarding. I don’t understand a lot of things these days. Just add this one to the already very long list.


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