So suddenly, I thought to myself:

“Hey. If Trump wants a pardon and if in return, he will resign forthwith and go away forever … might that not be worth it? There would still be a whole administration to prosecute and since Trump doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but himself, the Feds will get a free pass at everyone who isn’t Trump, right?”

Then, I thought some more. Maybe we could get the same deal for the whole mess of them. Offer everyone a pardon if they pinky promise to resign and guarantee they will slink off into the quicksand. They are forbidden to involve themselves in politics on any level other than voting. No television, talk shows, or “tell all” books. They would have to promise to effectively vanish from the public view — never to be seen by us in any format, wide or narrow screen.

After which, we could then have a “do-over,” politically speaking.

I used to dream about travel. Now I dream of a sane political system. How times change!

Bill Day / Cagle Cartoons

Isn’t that a great idea? That they would go away and never come back? I could live with that. In fact, it would make me very happy. I don’t have any idea if it is legal — or possible in any way — but I need my dreams.

It’s just a thought. In case you were wondering what I was thinking.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hallways

The front stairs and hall through which I must pass every day as I come and go — including one bright yellow broom.

I thought I would add new hallways today. Although you have undoubtedly seen these hallways before, these are the hallways of today as opposed to earlier hallways. I allowed the yellow (and at least one red) to shine through the monochrome. I’m working on the technique, but I’m not there yet.

Our second hallway, from living room to Garry’s old office. Some remaining yellow and a hint of red in the books. The hallway looks a lot longer than it really is.

I decided to add a few other hallways from earlier shoots, just so the post would be a less dull. There. Now I’ve done my job!

Underneath the overpass

The Blackstone River and Canal in Uxbridge