Photo Challenge: TEXTURE

I take a lot of texture photos. From a compositional standpoint, they are interesting, but often look more like wallpaper or the beginning of a fabric design than a proper photograph. Flowers, fields, and repetitive design can do the job. I also enjoy textures in monochrome.

The texture of the stems and the pods of what were the garden’s pink Columbine

Sometimes, though, the most amazing texture is in macro, where the lily is both form and texture for the photograph.

The texture and form of two lilies in the wild garden
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!


    1. I know I’m going to get mostly texture when I take pictures of fields of anything. I know they won’t really look like photographs. No center, no motion. Just color and texture. It really does make a good wallpaper or maybe a fabric design. I take them already knowing that they aren’t going to be interesting pictures. I take them anyway because, like Cee’s Oddballs, I just like them.

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  1. nature teaches us so much, when things go wrong we see the results immediately almost, if they only we had the same attitude about the harm violence causes to tender minds, amen


    1. If only indeed. I think those of us who are in some way artistic ARE sensitive about violence and all that. But we don’t run the world. Which is the problem. Not only do we not run it, but we aren’t even trying to run it and that is the bigger problem.

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      1. thanks for the response Marilyn, i think their are many artists wishing they had become more involved, it’s the old story, those who seek power always the ones who we need least with it, thanks


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