27 thoughts on “A FEW FLOWERS JUST BECAUSE …”

    1. That was weird — I clicked on your link, which took me to the appropriate url, but immediately switched and took me to my own site, which it said was not valid!


      1. Hmmmmm… i have noticed WP seems to be doing some quite strange things lately! But you posted a comment here so i hope you found the photo ok? πŸ™‚

        Thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚


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          1. Thank you Marilyn. Yes i have them all ( i think?) am just a bit late replying… and i meant to let you know…I believe i have received every one of your posts through Reader, although i mostly link to them from the email reminders not the reader itself. πŸ™‚



              1. The weirdness continues… The link i gave above has the wrong post number on it?? The correct post # is 9429 – photo of orchids at a show. I may have copied the link from my edit page not the final posted one – oopsie!

                At the time of writing WP was giving VERY slow response times but was also saving old data that i had already tried to write over and edit? Can you update WP or is that automatic for blogs kept on their servers? WP seems to have a number of security vulnerabilities and regular upgrading to the current version is strongly advised!



    2. Takes me to a dead link. Others are okay, but you were one of the “dead” links in my Reader file. Other people are having the same thing happen so I have NO idea what’s going on. It’s inconsistent, making it hard to report. Stay tuned. They are REALLY screwed up.

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      1. It’s quite funny…our son wanted the recipe for oatmeal cookies. Well then half way through he explained that he really wanted the recipe for oatmeal squares. Ingredients are much the same except for 2 eggs and the amount of sugar. I noticed there was a whole in the white sugar bag. So sugar spilled all over the pace. The two eggs were turned into an omelette. The squares have twice the amount of sugar that’s called for. Son’s comment just now – “I think I made these for myself”. Now comes the clean up.


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