27 thoughts on “A FEW FLOWERS JUST BECAUSE …

    • That was weird — I clicked on your link, which took me to the appropriate url, but immediately switched and took me to my own site, which it said was not valid!


      • Hmmmmm… i have noticed WP seems to be doing some quite strange things lately! But you posted a comment here so i hope you found the photo ok? πŸ™‚

        Thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚


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          • Thank you Marilyn. Yes i have them all ( i think?) am just a bit late replying… and i meant to let you know…I believe i have received every one of your posts through Reader, although i mostly link to them from the email reminders not the reader itself. πŸ™‚



              • The weirdness continues… The link i gave above has the wrong post number on it?? The correct post # is 9429 – photo of orchids at a show. I may have copied the link from my edit page not the final posted one – oopsie!

                At the time of writing WP was giving VERY slow response times but was also saving old data that i had already tried to write over and edit? Can you update WP or is that automatic for blogs kept on their servers? WP seems to have a number of security vulnerabilities and regular upgrading to the current version is strongly advised!



    • Takes me to a dead link. Others are okay, but you were one of the “dead” links in my Reader file. Other people are having the same thing happen so I have NO idea what’s going on. It’s inconsistent, making it hard to report. Stay tuned. They are REALLY screwed up.

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