For the past two weeks, readership here has dropped off by about 200% … overnight. Although it’s possible everyone is mad at us at the same time for no discernible reason, I think it is more likely that WordPress Reader has — again — deleted the blog from the Reader. It isn’t the first time they have done this — and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Whenever they decide to “fix” their software, they knock thousands of us out of the Reader and if we complain, they don’t even say “oops,” sorry because they really don’t much care.

If you see this on Facebook (because I’m pretty sure it won’t be in your Reader), you might want to pop around to see what’s going on. This is why, by the way, I use email notifications and avoid the Reader. Email notifications usually come through no matter what they do to their software. It makes my email get all bloated, but at least I know who has written stuff and can get there to take a look.

WordPress is “fixing” their software again. Whatever problems you’re having, probably other people are having them too. Screens are locking up. My cursor is jumping around like a hop-toad and the items on my dashboard blink or shimmy.

So. I’m not on vacation, not sick, nor off visiting another country. I’m right here, at home, dogs and all. Writing my heart out for you, my beloved friends.

Hope to see you again sometime soon!


    • Good to know. There are people with whom I can’t get in touch at all. WordPress is declaring them as not existing on their server, though I can find the listing in email and on Twitter … but no access. I think the problem is actually getting worse.


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