My husband has a new woman in his life. She is our new puppy, Remy. She is fast becoming a Daddy’s Girl.

She gets into bed at night and has a ritual snuggle with Tom. This involves lots of licks and cuddles. It continues until Remy stops swatting Tom with her paw, which is whenever he stops petting her.

Remy’s morning routine involves greeting Tom like he’s been away for days. She licks him, jumps around excitedly, making sure he pets and scratches every part of her. Ears – Check! Belly – Check! Butt – Check!

As we progress through the day, Remy will reach a point when she starts to whine at Tom. It’s a kind of high-pitched screech that sounds like a sick bird. At first Tom didn’t know what she wanted from him. She only whines at Tom, almost never at me. At first, he took her outside. That didn’t seem to satisfy her. He tried all sorts of things until he hit upon a game she loves.

It’s called “Run Around The House.” Tom first runs around the sofa in the family room, with both dogs in hot pursuit. Then he runs around the island in the kitchen, occasionally switching directions to spice things up. By now the dogs are yelping and barking and skidding on the wood floors trying to keep up with Tom. Then Tom runs from room to room.

After a few minutes of this, everyone is exhausted (mostly Tom) and happy (all of them). So now Tom knows what to do when Remy gets bored. It works every time!

Our other dog, Lexi, is my shadow. She loves Tom, but follows me everywhere. Tom was hoping that Remy would be a little more his dog. He’s got his wish.

He’s putty in her paws.


  1. So sweet. They sure do take over our lives! My lab, Gabby, brings me a toy just as I’m finishing in the kitchen every night because she knows it’s “time to play fetch”. Once we’ve played for a few minutes, she settles down for a nap.


    1. Our dogs definitely have their routines – which they impose on us. One dog brings us multiple toys in her mouth every day after dinner to tell us it’s time to go to the sofa and watch TV!

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    1. Remy is better for Tom than the treadmill. The treadmill doesn’t whine at him and get him out of his chair to walk on it! So good for Remy.

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  2. Those dogs have mastered the art of unconditional positive regard. How can we not be enticed by that unbridled enthusiasm when they see us?


    1. I know you’re not supposed to encourage dogs to jump around and go nuts when you come home. But I love it and look forward to it. So I let them. It makes all of us happy. So where’s the problem?

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        1. We think the whining is her way of getting Tom to play with her. We’ve tried going outside with her, petting her, etc. the only thing that seems to work is Tom running around the house with her! I think she has managed to train Tom pretty well by now.

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      1. Duke barks. He stand on the sofa and barks in our faces. I could probably deal with the whine, but the bark is overkill. We are working on fixing that. He can poke us with toys, badger us with balls. But NOT bark in our faces. It does, however, get Garry’s attention!


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