WordPress Photo Challenge: Elemental

When I read this, I smiled. I remember when I was living in Israel and friends visited and they kept murmuring “But it’s so brown …” because it is. Sometimes. Deserts are brown in the summer, but in the winter with a bit of rain, they turn green and lovely. It’s amazing what a bit of water can do for the dry earth.

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


      1. OMG they are SO beautiful. Stunning to be honest. I can’t thank you enough for sharing them, because photography is one of the loves of my life. I miss it more than I can say. So I doubly enjoy seeing these.


      2. jetpack is still broken so I am at a loss, I miss many, and I’m thankful you can still reach me. I feel disconnected in a way since this has become an important part of my life, interacting with all of the wonderful bloggers here.


        1. Actually, I can’t access your posts online. I get the message that the post is there, but when I click, I get “not available on this server.” This has been true for more than a week. I occasionally find you sideways through someone else’s post, but I can’t get to you directly. Just so you know. It’s probably NOT just me.


          1. Yeah, I’ve lost about 25 followers who have given up. Jetpack is broken and we’re having a difficult time with which link it is. If Jetpack is broken, I’m not accessable AT ALL because there ARE no connections. Therefore, no one can click on me unless I talk to them. It’s more annoying than I can convey. I miss you all so much. If it weren’t for you and Martha, I’d be completely lost since your the only two that can seem to reach me at all. If I chat on your post, you can reach me, that’s about it. It’s an incredibly long process of checking code, and each must be checked to see if it’s broken. My son’s been at it for hours and we still haven’t found the problem. Not to mention when I try to fix an error mine or theirs, it makes it worse. HOw is that possible???? I have to laugh or at this point I’d probably cry.


            1. Sometimes, there are a lot of things broken, so fixing one just brings another to the forefront. I can only imagine how crazy this must make you. I keep TRYING to reach you, but so far, I just can’t. But you are on my email list, so your posts get through, even if I can’t respond to them. Don’t give up … but maybe you might want to consider changing to a more standard format? They have their own issues, but at least you are not left on your own to fix them when they break.


              1. I think that obtaining my own site was a mistake. I’d heard others had issues, but I didn’t think they were issues that “broke” the code of the entire thing. My son’s good at code, but he’s finding this frustrating so if it continues, I might have to ask for my money back and return to just wordpress site. Very disappointed at this point.


                  1. As am I. Thank god for my son. It’s the time involved more than anything. He works so when he’s available, its good,but by the end of his shift, he’s done with computer problems and often his brain is revolving around all the other people;s problems he’s fixed during the course of the day. HIs hours shift as well, from morning to afternoon to late nights and he’s not interested in starting on computer problems at midnight and I can’t blame him for that.


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