I staggered out of the bedroom. All around me was the frenzied barking of maddened dogs who had not yet gotten their morning treats. Lots of wild activity, too. Duke was leaping mode, jumping high over the fences, in and out of the kitchen, then back and forth into the hallway.

Bonnie was encouraging him with enthusiastic barking. Who knew a dog as lazy as Bonnie could be whipped into a frenzy at her age? She has gotten more exercise since Duke arrived than in the entire previous year of her life. Gibbs too, though not quite as crazy as Bonnie, has been at least doubly active as before. Gibbs will even chase balls we throw for Duke. He runs after them, then stands there, staring at them. Apparently wondering what the fuss is about.

Meanwhile, with all this jiffy going on, we had failed to realize that we too would be at least twice as active as we were. I’m sure it’s healthy, but it certainly changes the game.

With the wild rushing of dogs everywhere I shouted “EVERYBODY OUT! OUT! OUT! You, over there. OUT! You too. Yes, YOU. ”

“You can’t all go through the door at the same time. ONE AT A TIME. One Dog At A Time. Clown dogs, all of you.” I am sure they know they can’t all go through the door together, but they do that to prove we aren’t all the bright, either.

“No, you too. OUT, OUT, OUT.” And then I locked the door and took a few moments to assess what needed doing. Water needed replacing, but despite the super high energy level, nothing else needed fixing. Everything was intact.

Amazing how much activity they can stir up without actually doing any damage. Remarkable.

Duke was just making sure I hadn’t forgotten him or his two short, black pals. Garry got up and took care of Bonnie’s eyes. I filled the water bowl and provided appropriate treats and everyone calmed down. You’d never have known that a few minutes earlier, they all been jiffying all over the house with much barking, chuffing, and leaping.

And now, everyone is as calm as a smooth lake right before it pours over the falls. Just like silk. No jiffy around here!

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  1. We get the best enjoyment when we PLAY! As we get old we tend to find more enjoyment from lying in than getting up. Duke is reminding you that is not the best choice for us! 😉 He enjoys your company and wants you to be as happy with him as he is with you. Friends like that should be encouraged and cherished as i’m sure you and Garry (maybe not so much Gibbs) appreciate. 🙂

    It is of course a lot easier for Duke to be happy as he has no concerns or expectations regarding Trump or where his fellow dogizens are heading right now.

    Maybe next time Americans can vote in a dog for President?? I think the world would be a much better place if it did!


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  2. The leaping blur that kind of looks like a dog…. I’ve seen that so many times on the photos I’ve taken of squirrels That is one wound up pooch you have! Duke needs a squirrel for an exercise partner. Bonnie and Gibbs would probably appreciate the break…

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    • Bonnie is really into it. Gibbs, not so much.

      I too have many, many blurry pictures of dogs in motion. Duke is a bit of a perpetual motion machine at the moment, but I’m counting on him to slow down. Eventually.

      A squirrel might be a good choice. He LOVES chasing stuff. He already jumps like a squirrel. Maybe he could learn to climb trees, too!

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  3. This cracked me up Marilyn- I could just picture it all!!

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    • It’s funny because with all that din and carrying on, you expect to look around and see broken furniture, fallen lamps … you know. A mess. But nope. It’s just noise. A LOT of noise. And it did its job: got me out of bed!


  4. Real action pictures, Marilyn.


  5. Looks like you will have to take a course in logistics to get them all sorted, At least you will stay fit with all that exercise. Advantage with a cat – they do it all theirself, just have to fill the bowl now and again.


    • A lot of the time, I enjoy the activity. I need to move more, sit less. When it’s late and I’m tired, I’m ready for them to sleep, but they are just waking up. But … they are getting better. Last night, Duke was pretty normal. Okay, very energetic, but he’s a puppy and they are supposed to be energetic. He wants to chase toys. And he and Bonnie have a complicated relationship involving furious growling and barking, but no one gets hurt. No biting or fur pulling. it’s a big performance and Bonnie is as likely to start it as Duke. Gibbs looks puzzled. Not his kind of scene, but he settles down and sleeps next to us on the sofa while Duke and Bonnie do a three-act Broadway show.

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  6. Definitely wakes you up and gets you moving in the morning. Made me laugh!


    • Oh, yes. Couldn’t miss the doggy shouting. I’m pretty sure it meant “Get up, get up, get up already!” To be fair, Bonnie has done that many time, too. If she gets tired of waiting for us, she starts barking. When we had howling dogs, they would “sing” us awake.


  7. Before and after breakfast — and only in the living room, never outside — Bear and Dusty play. It’s cute and rather regal as they’re both so large and both very calm. Mindy is more likely to get excited than either of them. Dogs. Life without them would be awful. I thought of that again while I was out mowing the lawn — 2 weeks since the last time and rain almost every day so it is long and heavy. I hate the job. I think of apartments and then I think, “No Dusty. No Bear. No Mindy. No thanks.”

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