“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes …” — William Shakespeare,  Macbeth: Act 4, Sc 1, P 2

Trump refused to repudiate support from the KKK during his election. What makes anyone think he isn’t FOR white supremacy and racism? What makes you think he hasn’t always been in favor of it?

This is how he got elected and it is what “his base” is about.

It’s not about making America great. It’s not about improving economics or ending terrorism. It’s about crushing non-white people while freely allowing white terrorists to behave however they want. He is promoting his terrorists to do their worst … and don’t think for a moment that they won’t thrive under his leadership.

He got a hearty vote of approval from the KKK today. If you aren’t sure whose side he is on, that should be your answer.

Photo: Washington Post

Everybody has been carefully treading around a fundamental reality. We have a bigot and a racist as America’s president. While we’ve been not saying what is obviously true, this asshole’s “base” has been growing larger and getting stronger. When Hillary Clinton called them “deplorable,” she was right. And I bet you knew it, too.

Since when are we not allowed to call evil, “evil?” Do we now assume there is no evil? Maybe that all behavior is some kind of “mental disorder?”

If you don’t call a thing what it is, it gets worse. We need to call this what it is: our own, homegrown, American Nazi party.

Trump will NEVER be presidential.

He is not going to care about “real people” because he is the only “real person” in his world.

He is a bigot. A hater. He has always been a racist, as was his father before him.

I think if he has the opportunity, he will also become a killer. Watch your ass.

I was ashamed to call Trump president. Now I’m ashamed to have these people share my citizenship.

It’s just a prickle … so far …

And if you’d like another look at this, from a different voice: History Hiccups and Hiccups and Hiccups by Martha Kennedy.

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  1. I too am very concerned about all this and outraged that Trump is in the White House. Finding this in my email and reading it soothed my heart – like a hand being extended towards me. It made me realize that I have not been blogging or connecting with bloggers, or writing Flash Fiction since January. I have to wake up and get back to it.


    • Many of us are too old to get out there and march, but we aren’t too old to write. That so many other people are also on the same page really makes me feel better, too. Some days, I get tired and would will the whole mess to disappear, but sadly, it isn’t going to happen. It will so away, but it won’t be tomorrow or the next day and we do need to remain vigilant and aware of what’s happening.


  2. I keep pushing the “like” button, but it never works on anyone’s blog. Wonder what is happening now.
    We really need a savior……a Roosevelt, a Truman, a Kennedy……but it looks as if the villains are winning at the moment, but I keep reminding myself that evil is eventually vanquished. It just better happen soon!


    • The “like” button is working half the time, and not the OTHER half. But your comments are working and you ARE connected to me, so I AM getting your posts (now … I think I wasn’t earlier).

      One of the things that worries me is that I do not see a great young group coming up. I don’t know what we will have. I hope there are people coming up I don’t know about. We will need them very, very soon.


  3. Yeah, but how do you stop it? Do you fight them on the open field (civil war incoming), or do you debate the halfwit and expect a logical sentence from them? I wrote some scenarios.


    • Sometimes, with all the “it’s all relative” and “we should ignore them and they will go away” and “let’s not make any more trouble than we’ve already got” and so on, the answer is, fuck that shit. Evil exists. They ARE evil and we do not have to put up with it. Everyone said the nazis would go away too and look how well that worked out?

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      • I know what happened in WW2. My country held the east as much as they could. You live in democracy, use democratic solution. I understand that evil doesn’t need a reason to destroy, but more action you put in it, it will just spark a dreadful reaction. What we need now are smart people with cool head.


        • Well, we sure don’t have smart people with cool heads running THIS government.

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          • Then, the solution is obvious. Put pressure on your government, take down the regime and switch it with a new political leader that will keep the American values to the highest level. By the way, that leader must emerge from the people. Look up the 5. October Revolution for more ideas.


            • I don’t think this political system allows that to happen. A parliamentary system allows it, but this country has a different system. These are the times where I really wish we did have that kind of government. It would make this a LOT easier to deal with.

              As for a real revolution? I don’t think the people are ready for that … and I don’t see a leader. Yet.

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  4. P.S. They are not fellow citizens to me, either. I’m not sure they’re human.


    • I hear you. This whole proto-Nazi shit really cuts very close to my bones. It’s like all the dark chimeras of childhood have been loosed in my brain. Which probably means I should go back to a deep absorption in one or another of the Star Trek episodes. I want that world where they’ve conquered racism and war and crime. I’ve been waiting — breathlessly — since 1963. It has been a very long wait and now that we seem to be rolling backwards, it is sickening.

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      • We’re not rolling backward. It’s just a long road with bumps, holes, lurches, flat tires and bad mechanics. Star Trek is a good idea.


        • I suppose. We don’t yet have a state-supported Nazi movement.

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          • One big change from the 60s I’ve seen is there is no debate about whether what happened in Charlottesville can be explained in a rational way. It’s been pretty universally condemned for what it is. I remember back then long conversations among adults about how the Jim Crow laws were so entrenched in the south “we” couldn’t expect it to be easy to change them. Some adults even said, “Why shouldn’t they sit in the back of the bus? What difference does it make?” I don’t hear that now.

            As for Nazis, wow. I think, looking at history, the greatest thing about WW II was the absolute refusal of most of the world to tolerate it — I think that was the first time such a reaction against evil occurred. There has been so much evil in history, so many “Hitlers”. Yesterday I read an article in the Guardian that really set me off. The Guardian (British rag, right?) said, “The original United States of America was built on white supremacy. The US constitution of 1787 treated black slaves as equivalent to three-fifths of a free white and gave no rights at all to Native Americans, who were regarded as belonging to their own nations.” NEVER did it mention that back in the beginning of “always” it was the British and Dutch shipping companies and colonial developers who “encouraged” it and profited from it, that America was England.

            OH well…


            • Yes. At least that and it’s pretty prevalent, too and not just on our “liberal” media. I think it may have something to do with that big old war our parent’s generation fought to end those fuckers. Everyone was sure the Old Nazis would just go away, too and that sure went really well, eh? Sometimes, you really need to stand up, point your finger, and say “GET OUT OF HERE! We don’t want you.” Then call in Wyatt and his brothers and make sure they head for the hills.

              By the way, I really loved watching the “leader” of that pack of cowards running for cover when it turned out, he wasn’t nearly as safe as he thought. They need to feel scared. They need to know we aren’t their prey.

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  5. One would think sheer expedience and pragmatism would say, “There’s no point to this. It doesn’t get us anywhere. There ARE Black people, there ARE white people, there ARE shades in between, some people are gay, some people are women, and we’re all here. We’d better make the best of it.” One would think that would be a useful stragedy. It’s pretty much mine and I have never had too much of a problem with any group of people. Some because some people in every “category” have been taught to be suspicious of whitey or girly or whatever, and if I hadn’t taught all those thousands of people, I probably would not have had even the few problems I did. That could have been a matter of exposure. It’s sad and stupid.


  6. Hey First of all sorry, (I don’t know why I am saying this?) but have I insulted you in any way? Why are you saying mean things and painting me as a Trump supporter on Fandango Sensei site?


    • Sorry. Really. I’m feeling more self-protective and MUCH MORE paranoid than usual. I’m old enough that the idea we are living in a country where Nazis are “cool” and our so-called president doesn’t think they are bad enough to call out for what they are … and says the sort of stuff that make the KKK proud to be his supporters? This is bad for my digestion, my brain, my soul.

      But I also thought you might be joking. Sarcasm doesn’t always come across as humor on the net. I have gotten careful about how I use it because it is so often misunderstood.

      Please accept my sincere apology.

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  7. It’s just horrible what is going on down there.


  8. Even during WWII, I wasn’t as afraid for our country as I am now. When T campaigned, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between his rhetoric and that of Hitler. It was history repeating itself, but many people didn’t remember it. There were too many generations in between for that memory to be relevant. He has revealed himself to be a White Supremist and a destroyer of humanity as a whole. Where are the men with integrity in our government? Why are they not speaking out and acting?
    Garry and Marilyn: I saw this post only because someone else mentioned a remark I had made on one of your former posts. I don’t know why I am not receiving you blog . I think of your often and hope you are both well.

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    • There has been some kind of screw up at WordPress and I dropped more than a thousand contacts overnight. If you go back to you “reader,” you might be able to get me back up there either by re-adding me or adding me as if I were new. Or try clicking “follow” on this site. It is infuriating and a terrible mess from WordPress … and at a really bad time, too.

      This an awful time to have survived to. To live in a time when we have a president who does not care what happens to us, is NOT an American, is just appalling It makes me frightened and sad. And of course, no one has learned history, so they don’t even know what to look for!

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  9. I’ve had a thunk and i have come to a possible theory which may fit with known probabilities and which might not have been considered too carefully before but maybe someone should?

    Given that there is a long standing division between the ‘North’ and the ‘South’ in the US and there is a more recent ‘internal’ division with the enormous growth of the Californian economy such that it already exceeds that of most countries in the world as a state (and there has been talk of secession from the Union) and there are also a few other versions of ‘us and them’ in American society today.

    Given also that there has been a long standing distrust and sometimes vehement opposition between the 3 main superpowers of the US, China and Russia/USSR, particularly in terms of sanctions by the US/UN against Russia, especially and given there is undoubtedly a degree of interference in the political arena’s of those 3 nations (as well as in others by all 3) as seen most recently with Russia/Trump camp and Trump Venezuela:

    How unlikely would it be for Putin/Russia to be doing all it can to surreptitiously try to fuel the fires of dissent and division internally within the US?

    Perhaps more people should be thinking about this and using it as a reason to find ways to unite and become a stronger nation than instead dividing themselves with bias and prejudice that only helps your enemies become stronger as you grow ever weaker?

    You are probably not aware that here in Australia many dairy farmers have been forced into bankruptcy and had to leave their farms due in large part to the economic sanctions placed upon Russia that led to an international glut of over-supplied milk around the world, particularly Europe who could not sell their excess to Russia and had to find markets elsewhere selling product below that price it cost others to make.

    The sanctions placed upon Russia (by Obama, Europe and recently Trump) had world wide implications, not least of all on Russia. How likely is it that they would seek revenge?



    • The whole issue of international sanctions and treaties is very messy. I wasn’t particularly in favor of the treaties in the first place, but I was very much against killing them for exactly the reasons you mention. Nothing happens in a vacuum. What we do, what you do, what any large country does economically affects the world and it’s why if one of us “falls,” so do the others — eventually. But we have a crazy person heading our government and what I think about it is irrelevant. I wish i had some say in the way events are going, but I don’t. We can only hope that we manage to survive this mess and rebuild on the other side. I don’t see any other answer, do you?

      The East-West division isn’t a real division. No one in this country thinks it is. The south is well aware it can’t survive on its own and that’s not what they want, anyhow. They would rather take over the whole enchilada, thank you. That’s what the Civil War was really about and what on some level, it’s still all about.

      No, this division is homemade. That Russians would like to see revenge, I’m sure, but they could never manage this intimite level of meddling. So the answer is no. Not really.

      We’ve done this to ourselves. Amazing, isn’t it?

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      • AS for answers i don’t really have any – other than the only answer to hate is love, not more hate. Building understanding of, and on, both sides is a loving act. Rejecting a large number of people’s views and insisting that ‘we’ are 100% right is unlikely to resolve any issue of any kind of division, actual or perceived.

        The ‘homemade division(s) are undoubtedly taking place in and have their roots in your country, but that does not prevent your enemies fostering and encouraging them – mostly largely unnoticed or detected i imagine. And you should be aware that your own government undoubtedly does and has done similar things to their ‘enemies’. All major (and quite a few minor) powers have their spying agencies who do far more than just collect secrets. Part of their job is to exert some influence and gain some superiority over them as part of their national ‘defence’.

        America is doing it to itself – it just might have a lot more foreign ‘help’ than many would give any credence.

        it’s worth a very big thought – don’t you think? 😉

        Power is an intoxicating thing and it can either be overtly or covertly weilded! It is almost uniformly desired by humanity and their various sub-groupings.



        • There’s always a possibility of foreign helpers and hackers and money people.

          But this kind of event has been going on every year as long as I can remember and as long as Garry can remember because he covered a lot of this stuff. How much attention these guys get depends on other things, but periodically, they become a big scandal. This is NOT the first or 24th time, either.
          And it’s the right time of year, too. Always in the summer. You won’t see these events in the winter, Protests need warm weather.

          I don’t have answers just a general sense that after all these years, these guys need to have the door slammed in their faces, told we don’t need them, and have them sent home without supper.


  10. White supremacy is a burden to all the Americas since the time of Christopher Columbus which costed millions of native Americans lives. Who cares about all these dead people?. Just ask a Hopi in the USA, an Inuit in Canada or an Aboriginee in Australia what they think about their fates in the last centuries and what white civilization has finally brought to them and in general. The answers will be quite similar in the sense that the White people are just killing the nature and the basis of life on our home planet Earth without any scruple. I can’t deny that.

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    • Yes and these nut balls think they are the ones being oppressed


      • I think we have a problem with the meaning of “oppressed.” I don’t think they get the difference between “annoyed,” “inconvenienced,” and “oppressed.”

        If something bothers them and they don’t like it, it’s “oppression.” I’m pretty sure these people have never suffered from oppression. As far as they are concerned, they are supposed to be the upper class — never mind that they are ignorant if not outright stupid and haven’t had a new idea in this century. We are prey, they are predators. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

        OF COURSE Native Americans are oppressed. They are supposed to be. God said so. Weren’t you in church that morning?


  11. A few days ago I posted an open letter that someone had written to Trump supporters that a friend of mine emailed to me. In case you missed it, here it is:

    One commenter took issue with the message in that post (he called it a “screed”), and referred to me and those like me as the “the avowed enemies of America” and as “America’s domestic enemies.” Then he wrote, “See you on the battlefield when things finally heat up.”

    Based upon what happened in Charlottesville this weekend, I’m afraid that he wasn’t speaking metaphorically. Things will heat up and there will be a battlefield. And there probably will be blood spilled.

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