Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

Little things. As the level of dust in my world has overwhelmed me, I have been gradually moving the little things behind glass as much as I can. The rest of it is, as usual, covered with dust. I think I am also covered with dust. Inside and outside, dust. Dog hair. Pollen. Bits of trees and grass and good, old-fashioned sand.

The windowsill in the kitchen

Six to eight inch dolls in glass case

A very small bird on a branch in spring

Geometry – small stuff


    • I used to have a really GREAT doll collection, but I couldn’t maintain it. The ones remaining are all badly in need of serious cleaning. I have to get to it.

      Building dust is really awful. That’s why we left Boston and moved out here. The Big Dig in Boston went on for more than a decade and the dirt from it literally filled the entire city. You couldn’t leave a window open AND it was noisy. Imagine an entire city with miles and miles of digging and building and rebuilding.

      BILLIONS of dollars, too. And the traffic is as bad as it was before they did it.

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  1. Where does dust come from? Sheddings of the world? All around me there are sheddings on a daily basis. I moved from a house to an apartment last year and I get up in the morning and actually the sheddings have changed and grown bigger. I can’t clean every day. No,no, no! Love the photo of the little bird avoiding the dust. Ha ha!


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