Just letting y’all know that we have real, live human company on the way!  This is a good thing and I’m excited to have company! Arizona is coming to Uxbridge! Yay.

But … uh … we’ve got a little cleanup to do. Yes, I know we’ve left it to the last minute, but to be fair, it’s not a vast amount and I’m sure we can get it done. I’ll just be a bit busy for a while. I was going to be busy anyway because all those deferred doctor appointments are coming due during the couple of weeks. Now I’m trying to figure out what I can reschedule and what I have to take care of. That very long overdue appointment with the oncologist is a solid yes. Getting my teeth cleaned is a “go,” but I can ditch the gastroenterologist and reschedule the physical for another week. It’s not an emergency.

Leaving stuff for the last possible minute isn’t the best way to get stuff done, but it seems to be the only way we get them done, at least in this life. We seem to be allergic to advance preparation. I did, however, buy a new bed, new sheets and 2 pillows, so I wasn’t completely at a loss.

There is the usual dust. I need to put an A/C in the room.We can do it.

Or, as a former president used to say, “Yes. We can.”

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

31 thoughts on “COMPANY COMING!”

    1. Tish, we’re looking forward to the visit from our old friend. We don’t get many visitors. Maybe it will be breaking news for the local media.

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    1. Thanks, Leslie. Perfect excuse. But I don’t think Marilyn will buy it. If I don’t clean up a bit, I’ll probably get a fryin’ pan upside my head. Dirt is okay in my books. And, the dogs are on my side.

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    1. There’s so many papers! I did find the long-missing deed (to our house), so that’s a plus. Garry has real junk to get rid of, but I’ve got formerly important papers — tax and stuff like that — so I actually have to look at each piece of paper before it gets tossed. But finding the deed was a triumph. I knew it was in there somewhere.

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    2. “The Big Sweep” (Allied Artist/’57) Victor Mature, Mamie Van Doren, Edie Williams, Diana Dors and Jayne Mansfield as “Hazel”. A William Castle/Sam Katzman Production.

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  1. The only way our house ever gets cleaned is if we are expecting guests. Right now Lynn has been painting for a week. I have no idea who we might be expecting but this house is going to look darn clean!


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