It oozed beneath the door and consumed anyone in its way. The teenagers — Steve McQueen’s first movie (billed as Steven McQueen) — warned the grown-ups, but they wouldn’t listen to the kids. It oozed everywhere, growing bigger and oozier with each passing moment.

The Blob. It came. It consumed. It oozed. And eventually, was destroyed.

Keep watching the skies … but don’t forget to look under your door!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “OOZING TO KILL”

    1. I was probably not much older than you either, but I always thought Steve look a LOT older than a teenager. I wonder if he ever looked like a kid. Ah, Garry explained that Steve was in his late 20s by then. I was 11 when it came out, so I saw it later because my mother wouldn’t let me see horror movies. I got nightmares.

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      1. Steve was 28 when he played the hip teenager who took on the blob. Loved his slacks with the buckle in the back. Quite the fashion back then. I think Steve was doing “Wanted Dead Or Alive” at the time. Josh Randall versus the Blob.

        Shoot it?? Nah, wouldn’t even pay for his bullets.


    1. Leslie, “Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes” is the iconic horror flick you remember. In the words of that noted film critric, Sir Charles Barkley, “It wuz ter’bil”. I remember poster of the leading lady. She had bazooka boobs — bursting out of her thin, low cut sweater. Don’t remember her name.

      Just checked one of my ref books: “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” — 1980 — director – John De Bello. Cast: Sharon “Big Boobs” Taylor, Rock Peace, Jack Riley, George Wilson and “The San Diego Chicken” as himself.

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  1. “attack of the killer tomatoes”. Never saw it, but the name itself is bad enough. Right up there with “reefer madness”

    Steve McQueen always looked old, he had that sandy hair and dry skin thing that ages badly, but oh who cared. I’d have watched anything he was in (don’t go there).

    Gotta love how horror was depicted, the woman, open mouthed, her hand shielding her face. Pure terror.

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    1. Garry is a huge McQueen fan too. I like him also, maybe not with quite as much passion, but I think I’ve seen most (but not all) his movies. As old horror movies go, The Blob wasn’t bad. The performances were actual acting by (mostly) people who went on to do some of the real stuff later.

      McQueen always looked older than he was and he died very young, too. I sometimes wonder about these people who seem to age very fast and die rather young, if they aren’t on a different schedule than the rest of us.

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      1. Steve was actually believable in “The Blob”. He already had that minimalist acting approach. Wish I’d met him even though he didn’t have a good off screen rep unless you were a biker. I cudda hit it off with some of my underdog tales.


  2. I think I saw the movie when it was in the neighborhood theater near my house. I loved Steve Mc Queen. Actually met him once at a motorcycle shop when I was a teenager. I couldn’t speak. I was in awe, just listening to him discuss some repairs.

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    1. I don’t know if Garry every met McQueen. He never mentioned it, so I’m guessing he didn’t. But he LOVED McQueen. He thought McQueen was THE coolest guy EVER. He kind of was, actually and he could really RIDE that bike.

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      1. Mary-Lynne, remember that old Hofstra sweatshirt with the cut off sleeves? Wore it still it crumbled to bits in the laundry. I was copying Steve’s “Virgil Hilts” character. I’m sure people thought I was Steve.


    2. Emilio, I also was a HUGE McQueen fan. I LOVED his style. Never met him. But did hear about him from James Coburn and James Garner. Coburn, in an interview, told some funny stories about working with Steve on “The Magnificent Seven”, “Hell Is For Heroes” and “The Great Escape”. McQueen apparently used to drive directors nuts with his “bad boy” antics. Garner, in his autobiography, told similar stories with amusement.


  3. I thought McQueen was even cooler than Cool Hand Luke! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t watch the Blob these days without smirking and the odd grimace at how corny it looks now.


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    1. COOL HAND LUKE (Paul Newman) is one of the best — and most depressing — movies I’ve ever seen. Gotten through the whole thing once and that was more than enough. I have a list of movies too depressing to EVER watch again. That is near the top.


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