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  1. As hard and scary as it can be there are moments in life where we must take sides. It works also for simple life situations: I don’t like it much when people refuse to take sides. I’ve read Wiesel’s work and it’s still so timely.


    • I have noticed in recent years that “neutral” really isn’t. Neutral goes with whoever is the stronger party. Wiesel reminds me of why we can’t just let it all slide.


  2. That is so true.

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  3. While i fully agree with the Moral Imperative to stand up for, and speak in defense of, the oppressed it seems to me that we do it very selectively a lot of the time. As individuals we despise the idea of slavery and sweat shops and forced child labour and yet we demand products from companies that exploit these and use overseas labour at grossly underpaid rates?

    Our 2 countries are currently opposing the N Korean dictatorship but what are we doing for the people of N Korea who are being oppressed? How does imposing sanctions help them find food to eat?

    I believe the best course of action in opposing oppression is to bring the two sides closer to the ‘centre’ –
    to a more neutral position – rather than forcing them further apart, often to the point of war, where many innocent humans on either side can end up getting killed.


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