You should be very familiar with my comic strip layout by now…. six panels laid out in a 3X2 grid.  It hasn’t changed since day one……. well, except for once.

Those of you who have been on WordPress for at least three years will undoubtedly remember the furor caused late in 2014 when WP decided to release its new “superior” editor that every blogger who wasn’t getting a kickback from our host company had very vocally decried as a piece of shit.  Nevertheless, with their very Orwellian powers over us, WordPress officially defaulted the post link over to the new editor in early 2015.  Most of us have long since found our own ways to circumvent this monstrosity and still use the old, classic, and still the best editor to do our daily writing…. making the new editor chapter in WP’s history almost a forgotten footnote again.

But in my attempt to be at my snarky, sarcastic best when it came to trashing WP’s ramming of this new editor down our throats… I came up with this comic which is still my most commented upon comic ever, and one of the most viewed strips on this blog!  This was Comic #144.

Beep beep boop …

Source: Retro Nest Comic – January 29, 2015

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  1. bWAHAHAHAHHA!!! I missed that, joining up sometime after (I think)..wait. 2015? I had maybe one or two posts prior to that, but I DO remember the ‘new and improved’ look of the reader, which I loathed and continue to loathe. I wish they’d just give one an option for these changes instead of buying into the ‘we must all be the same” mentality of Generation Twit (I really like THAT name, will borrow it freely if it’s okay)… This post is up for a reblog on my blog because it’s so erudite! And everyone needs a laugh..


  2. beep beep boop – screamingly clever. Thanks for posting again.

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