Flower of the Day – August 28, 2017

There were some glorious wildflowers in the gorge. This one looks like lilacs, but obviously, it isn’t. If anyone knows what these are, let me know.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. Me too, but it’s really hard to find them. There are so many that look so similar and unless you are standing and actually LOOKING at the flower, you probably won’t figure it out. These were really lovely and they were pretty big, probably as big as a lilac, though not the same texture. I haven’t even found a book that has the answer to the inevitable question: “What IS that?” The bees probably know πŸ™‚

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    1. Sure does look like it. I’ve seen fields of it growing along our highways. I thought it was intentional. It’s beautiful, whatever else may be wrong with it. This was growing along the riverbank. Pretty big river. Unlikely to do much harm there. The wetlands are a big issue anyway because there are a lot of them … and developers like draining them and building there. Also not good for the wildlife.


  1. There’s a cell phone app that is pretty good with flower and plant identification, called simply “Garden.” It has helped me many times. You take a picture of the flower and leaves and then it will give you a few choices of what it might be. Usually the right one is one of them, which you then choose. If not, you can ask it for more choices.


    1. I have a cellphone, but never use it. But if I decide to use it, I will try this because it sounds useful! There are so many plants everywhere and many of them are similar to one another and telling them apart is tricky.


      1. We do have a number of wild flowers in our garden – at the moment. Must get out and take out the thistles. (that’s where I draw the line)


  2. “Blueberry Morning..blueberry morning…and wild…. flower afternoon” (Stella Stevens vocal and love theme from “The Ballad of Cabel Hogue”. My favorite Sam Peckinpaugh movie along with his “Ride The High Country”. The scene from “Cable Hogue” where Cable (Jason Robards Jr.) is washing Stella’s back in the outdoor bath tub with the song up full…is ‘good stuff’.’

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      1. It’s a whole park, of which the dam is one part. But there’s rock climbing and walking trails too. Not far away, there’s another park called “Purgatory Chasm” which is all rocks, but you’d have to be in better condition than I am to really enjoy it. There are hundreds of these parks, trails, gorges, waterfalls. We live in an historic corridor, which is sort of half a national park without rangers.


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