Photo: Garry Armstrong

The calendar is about to change. Again. Just a few months for this year. A few brief weeks of tee-shirt, shorts, and boat shoe weather. Walter Houston is singing in my head. Raspy and bittersweet.

It’s the beginning of baseball’s stretch drive. Our Boston Red Sox are in the mix for the post season. It’s high anxiety time if you’re a die-hard fan. Will the hitters cool off? Will the starters maintain their newly discovered success? Will the bull pen purge those relievers who are serial arsonists?

Pro football is also back. If you belong to Patriots’ Nation, you wonder how it will go this year, with Brady a year older. Time will have its way, even with the best of them.

Facebook is full of posts and pictures from parents crying as they send their kids off to school for the first time. There are no posts for drop-outs. We offer requiems for our fading summer flowers. It’s difficult to watch them as they slowly die.

The late night talk shows are packed with “stars” promoting their new series which sound like old series. I particularly object to reboots of old shows that weren’t particularly good back in their first run.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Political analysts are dizzy, trying to explain Orange Head’s bizarre and unprecedented presidency. If you want to really call it that.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Labor Day weekend will offer a brief time out for memories about summers past when we were younger and our world a bit more innocent. Think “Moon Glow” and “The Theme from Picnic.”  I’m William Holden dancing with Kim Novak. Snapshot memories of faded love affairs.

This is a brief respite.

Walter Houston is now singing louder in my head about those once lazy days dwindling down to hurricanes, raging fires, floods, mass shootings and Orange Head tirades blurring our collective sanity.

September Song.

These precious days I’ll spend with you…….

Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.


    1. Lois, I love that film and especially that scene. Holden was a tad old for “Hal” but I still think he pulled it off. I did that scene in a college drama class with….wait for it… Madeline Kahn who was also in that class.

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  1. Love your melancholic thoughts, Garry, as September comes. Indeed a mix of feelings to accompany the strange if not scary political American scene and the natural and not so natural disasters. Fall is around the corner through some of your NE trees. More to come…

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  2. Jeffrey, the first (RIP) husband, got deeply depressed every Autumn. He saw the season as a parable of the end of life. I think he needed medications which had not yet been invented.

    I get lively in the fall. How can you not LOVE the autumn — even with winter following it? You like to sing Cole Porter songs and listen to Frank Sinatra. But you have to admit … it is the season for which New England waits. It is our glory time.

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    1. Not really melancholy, except for the adieu to shorts and boat shoes, etc. It’s the beginning of crunch time in beisbol and our boys are in the thick of things.


  3. I love autumn because it is cooler – and I do not handle heat very well.. Plus the spectacular colors! Unfortunately it heralds the short days of December when I have to deal with SAD. some beautiful pictures here!


  4. “Gonna Take …. A Sentimental Journey….” 🙂

    Sometimes, looking back is what gives us the necessary to carry on. Lord knows we need something to help us to these days.


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    1. Bob, you nailed it!! I had lunch yesterday with some of my old TV News work mates. Conversation began with “it’s good to see so many of us still alive…what meds are you taking??….who’s moving into an “over ’55 complex”?? …(2) “I’m going in for knee replacement surgery”. I turned the conversation into “Remember when…..” laughter and a good time had by all.

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  5. Nice post Garry. I enjoyed the reflections as well as the pictures. Old shows rebooted. I don’t really like that either especially when it seems as if they don’t get what the original show was about. I have recently seen that there is a reboot of McGyver but it doesn’t have the same feel as the old one. I can’t imagine the Simpsons Selma and Patty going mad for this boy. My main objection though is that it seems too techy. OS McGyver could save the world with a Swiss Army knife and a rubber band or two.

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    1. That McGyver reboot was really awful. We watched one show and never went back. The original wasn’t great, but the reboot was truly terrible. But that seems to be the way TV is going. The new stuff is all on cable and the networks can’t seem to find anything to say they haven’t said a few dozen times before.

      The original McGyver could save the world with the lint in his pocket and an old packet of matches!

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    2. Tas, thank you. Agree w/ you about “McGyver” reboot. Misses point of the original and his ingenuity. THAT was the show. I’m watching a bunch of the old “Cheyenne” shows right now. They had an episode with John Russell ( Marshall Dan Troop on “Lawman”) in a similar role. I loved “Lawman” and its theme. That’s another thing. The themes from the old TV westerns.

      “Have Gun Will Travel is the card of a man….a knight without armor in a savage land…….”

      “Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp…brave, courageous and bald (bold)….”

      “”Lawman! Lawman! The lawman came with a gun….there was a job to be done…”

      “Cheyenne…Cheyenne….lonely man…Cheyenne…”

      “Johnny Yuma….was a rebel…he travelled thru the west…”

      Happy Trails, Tas!!

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  6. I’d like to say THIS to THOSE PEOPLE knocking me on sentimentality. First — September is a page turner, second — Walter Houston’s version of “September Song” is very evocative… and thoid, Your Mama wears combat boots!!

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  7. Yep. Drat. Those colours are coming. Can’t be avoided. I gotta say though, that this was about the greatest Summer weather wise that I can ever remember. Now I’ve got to get down to a couple of markets and enjoy the harvest.


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