WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

The door was rotting and needed to be replaced. One week ago today, my son and his friend Dave, got the job done. It was a big job. Heavy door to remove, heavier door to replace. It’s not quite finished — still needs painting on all sides, but we will get to it as soon as we can. Meanwhile, this is structure!

The old door


I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

33 thoughts on “STRUCTURE – THE NEW DOOR

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  2. It’s nice to have friends and/or relatives who are handy. The new door looks great. No problems with it, I hope.


    • No problems except that we need to paint it soon. It is exactly what I wanted. It is bright and much nicer than the old door every was, and NOT have the dog door in the middle is a huge improvement!


      • I was taking stock yesterday of my crappy summer and concluded it wasn’t that crappy after all except being sick for six weeks. I have a new roof on the garage. I have a garage door. I have the fence up to make Bear more secure (or me more secure). I changed trash companies and have recycling. I did a few fun things like go on a studio tour with my neighbors which I enjoyed a lot and to Taos with my friend Perla which is always a strange trip. I have bedroom windows now that open and close and next year I’ll get vinyl windows to replace them. I refinanced my house, found a new doctor, other stuff that I’m not remembering right now. I put out a little book of short stories that I like a lot and no particular interest in selling it. It’s been a very productive summer somehow πŸ™‚


        • So it was a productive summer. I can’t refinance this house and any other loan is too expensive to even think about. But we got a new door and a new water heater and a new dog. AND a new mattress and a new microwave oven. If I can just wangle the money to get the toilets updated, we’ll be doing pretty well. Oh, and we got nicely poisoned and all the crawlies are finally gone. Bonnie’s teeth got cared for and the lawnmower has been repaired. A little painting to go and voila! So yes, productive. AND we found a new dam. Had company from afar. Visited the Curleys and did a mini cruise. And DIDN’T get eaten by gypsy moths.

          We have had lots worse summers than this.

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  4. Looks good! Shawn Whatshisname is probably stealing this photo right now to show prospective customers, in whichever state he’s currently operating out of, just what kind of quality craftsmanship his dedicated “team” can do. Actually, I think he’s currently selling feather boas through WordPress spam…


    • I’ve been getting the absolutely FILTHIEST spam the last few days. Not only is it filthy, but they obviously think I’m a man. Or a deeply perverted woman.

      I have no idea what Sean is doing, but I hope someone nails him for fraud.

      I’m happy with the door. It is much brighter inside and it looks really lovely at night with light showing through it. Not that we get a lot of night visitors, but the few we’ve had said it looked really good.

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