Duke is a disobedient dog. He is sweet, funny, and smarter than a lot of people I know, but he doesn’t like taking orders. Or coming when called. Or stopping if told to “cut it out.”

He’s working on it, though.

He can’t figure out how come I know he’s trying to knock down the dining room gate even though I can’t see him. He hasn’t yet realized I can hear him, even from another room.

He is learning. Not as fast as I would like, but not bad, either. He connects the “time out” with the event that caused it … and not every dog does. We’ll work it out.

45 thoughts on “THE DISOBEDIENT DOG

  1. Duke! Use the puppy dog eyes, man! You can get away with anything then…. all you gotta do is flash that “I’m so very sorry. Won’t you take pity on this poor little doggie?” look! Now I guess I get a time out too for aiding and abetting….


  2. He’ll try to please you (especially if you give him cookies!) but if he thinks he can’t please you he’ll please himself – and that’s where the trouble starts πŸ™‚

    He does look kinda cute though – sneaky! – but cute.



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