Doonesbury nailed it 41 years ago. — By Brainwrap 

 I remember this specific strip too. I was an ardent follower of Doonesbury back in those days. How ironic and sad that his material is relevant 41 years after publication. 

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. And it is only the loony politicians that can stop it. We have become the statists. There was a film on our Tv from a place in the states with a Trump majority of supporters. It was sick to listen to the idiots.


  2. I have a friend in China who was a victim in the Cultural Revolution in China. She didn’t like it one bit but she still loves her country.


    1. That’s the thing. We don’t have to love everything our country does or fails to do. We can love it anyway — and people do. That is really what “revolution” is about. If you don’t CARE, you leave. If you care, you stay and fight.

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      1. She got most of her post secondary education in the west. Got her doctorate in Physics and worked in the west for awhile then she returned to China, married and is there today.

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  3. I had a conversation with someone recently and they said “We have Black Ops in this country, right? People who are trained to be assassins. Who we send to other ‘enemy’ countries, to do the work nobody wants to acknowledge is done (and sometimes for very good reason…the sanity involved in some of these missions is questionable). So why don’t ‘they’ (the people who run the madhouse) send some of those guys over to North Korea and quietly get rid of that fly in the ointment of world peace who has horribly bad hair (worse than our own nutbag ‘ruler’ even)?” I don’t know the answer to that, I merely said that I thought there was something more going on behind the scenes that the people running the show right now aren’t telling us. And I got a look that indicated the person I was talking to thought I had drunk some conspiracy theorist koolaid. Well whatever. But Doonesbury continues to be on point, across decades. If it isn’t one nutbag in a position of power, it’s another…the words might change, but the music remains the same.


    1. I think that’s the sort of thing we all have to be vary wary of doing. Certainly if anyone were planning it, we would be the last people to know. On top of everything else, North Korea is a very difficult place to get in or out of. It’s not a “normal” country with “normal” borders. Worse than trying for a hit would be trying and failing. That would be absolutely catastrophic.


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