The Sting in which Robert Redford and Paul Newman back together under the direction of George Roy Hill remains to this day, one of the more joyous movies I’ve ever seen. Part of energy comes from the wonderful music of Scott Joplin used as the movie’s theme. Scott Joplin was long overdue for his music to be heard by the greater world, even though most people continue to think of it as “the music from that movie … you know … “The Sting” …”

It was wonderful music and great fun for the performer. Before the movie, those of us who studied classical music could still play Joplin who wrote out his music just like every other “real” composer. Perfect for the me who never could play unless every note was written out in advance.

This is yesterday’s post because yesterday, WordPress couldn’t get it done. Again.

Dear, dear WordPress — the Daily Post is naught but one single word. One single word per day. Surely you can get this right if you tried a little harder. You think maybe?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. I avoided a FULL tangent and did a half, snide tangent.

      It’s just ONE WORD A DAY. Surely they could get it right if they tried a little harder. I mean … JUST ONE LOUSY WORD. Sometimes, they are absolutely pathetic. But I love Joplin’s music. It was (usually) pretty easy to play and you didn’t have to fake it because all the notes were printed just like Chopin 🙂

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      1. If I stuck to it and practiced, I can do it, but otherwise the original Joplin notes were not so easy. I am not so good at improvising and have to stick to the notes. Luckily I have a good span. I enjoy playing the piano, but today am more on the computer. And again they are stuck with a big fat “0” on the prompt. Some time at midnight they might wake up and do something about it. Is it really so difficult.

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        1. Joplin’s music is half easy … and the other half, I couldn’t do it. I learned four or five pieces. The Entertainer was too difficult for me — and I do NOT have much of a span. I’m lucky if I can make a ninth. Someone with better hands can easily hit a tenth. Not me.

          Actually, my little hands were the problem that finished me with piano. Past a certain point, I simply could not make the reaches or the chords.

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      2. I think we need to watch “The Sting” again ASAP for myriad reasons, including Scott Joplin. (Nose touch)


        1. That was lovely. Something I might have been able to (almost) play. I love watching the hands of pianists. I can tell so much about their training from the position of their fingers. In her case, teacher was probably Russian or from that school, anyway. And she had beautiful, long, stretchy hands.

          But it’s the piano that makes me yearn. I had one like that and while I rarely miss playing — my hands won’t do it anymore — I really miss the instrument!

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  1. Awesome use of “sting” as I too love the music and the storyline, and hey the actors aren’t half bad either. Not sure about you, but I can’t find anybody on Daily today. Says there are umpteen responses, I can’t find one. Glad I have you on FVD or I wouldn’t be able to find you at all nor anyone else for that matter. yay wp I love you too! snarky remark inferred


      1. You’d think. Many are contacting me to say they get kicked as soon as they hit liar while others can’t did me. Rose Elaine can’t get to me or I her and many well most I follow, you, Martha, rose don’t show up often on daily or reader as apparantly I don’t. Glad I have fvd that’s how I reach you and Martha and rose daily


        1. They’ve been having a lot of serious issues for several months now. It has just been going from bad to worse. I think at this point, EVERYONE has noticed. I’m not sure what we can do since it really IS them, not us.


          1. I know right?! Get their head together, my son can tell what’s wrong the second I told him what’s happening. It’s broken links in the code. argh. Surprisingly, I saw you on the Daily and Martha, for the first time in ages. I can’t see my blog or many others either there or on reader. I’m deeply touched you stuck with it and me.


  2. Great movie (although I liked the Newman/Redford pairing a little better in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” a little better). But I liked the theme from “The Sting” more.


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