Not a great day for the leaf, I’m afraid. It’s cool outside, but it’s also extremely humid and the wind — ex-Jose of the hurricanes — has returned. Again. This is the first year we are suffering from hurricane remnants that just won’t go away. Usually they come, they blow, they rain, they leave. This one is just bouncing around the north Atlantic, washing out Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, as well as Cape Cod.

Locally, we’ve got drizzle, some slightly heavier rain, and humidity that makes breathing a real effort. I do not like this weather one little bit and it is messing up autumn.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. “Lonely Teardrops” —- Lloyd Price …. on the first day of autumn. Didn’t realize summer had gone.


      I’ve layed around and played around..this whole summer long….winter’s comin’ on….and I feel like..I gotta travel on….

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    1. Jose has died as a hurricane, but what’s left of him is floating around the north Atlantic making people’s late summer vacations into a rain dump. He’s been hanging around for a week and it is messing up autumn! I want him to ramble on out to sea!

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  1. In the part of the world that’s a day ahead in the calendar, we have Spring. Peach blossom, apricot blossom – the pinks; plum blossom, apple and pear – the whites; the citrus flowers you can smell in your dreams; free-seeding lettuces and tall asparagus, tomato seedlings and peas that hide the new growth of the chayote.
    Spring equinox – my favourite time of year, when the soil awakens from sleep, and there is so much more time to sit in the window, with the natural light, the grapes and figs outside the window, and the words on the page before me.
    It is the refreshment of the soul after the winter of recuperation.


    1. We missed spring entirely this year. Rain, rain, rain, rain. Mind you, we’ve had a long drought so we needed rain, but nothing bloomed. The whole early spring flowering period just washed away. Then, in the final week of June, it was SUMMER ALL OVER THE PLACE. Everything bloomed at the same time. And everything died at the same time.

      Now we are in the muddy end of summer and Autumn is late. No surprise. All the other seasons were late, so why not? I just hope Autumn doesn’t completely wash away! It has happened in other years. By the time it stops raining, the trees are naked and we go from mud to snow.

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      1. Happened to us last year – rain washed out all the flowers and no fruit except figs. And a few mandarins. Sad, but signs of the times.
        I met snow once, and now I avoid it completely – nice to look at, hear about, see on the screen, but I’ll take the desert and the outback bush anytime (even with snakes and scorpions).


          1. how about the racehorse lizards that run up your body if you stand still? yes, venomous. Or the wild dogs – not the dingoes, the ones people set ‘free’ to roam in packs? or the wild camels that don’t give a rats about your camp-site and walk right over it (I’ve got a bedroll that hangs in a tree)? There are more, and I think someone once said that Australia has more venomous critters than anywhere else on the planet, but what the hay? I’ve lived with them every day, so no matter.


  2. I’m glad all of the hurricane remnants have been steering clear of us. Last one I remember was Ike nine years ago… and it wasn’t really remnants, I think it was still officially classified as some sort of tropical storm when it roared by us over 600 miles inland! It was awful and nasty and made me so glad we didn’t live anywhere near the ocean…


    1. We get hurricanes occasionally. This was typical of what we get, which is remnants and a lot of rain. Every once in a while, though, we get a pretty big one. Our shorelines take a beating. People forget that sandy shorelines are not naturally a permanent structure, so to have them vanish in a storm isn’t unusual. I remember one year, we lost two beaches. Just gone overnight. Martha’s Vineyard lost one of it’s two primary harbors. Fortunately, while eliminating one, the storm carved out a new one nearby.

      But normally, we just get a bit of wind and a lot of rain. Full-size hurricanes are relatively rare.


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