In this third year of watching the seasons change from month to month, this is the first time we have reached late September, yet fall has not come.

Just as summer arrived a month and a half late this year, it appears that autumn will be equally late. Almost as if this earth has been slightly knocked off its typical circuit and isn’t rolling around in the usual way.

Old brickwork along the Blackstone Canal and river

It is still late summer outside. Although you can see hints of red and yellow here and there, the normal colors of autumn are pastel and difficult to see. Patches of some of the trees, especially those along the river, have a bit of color, but not what I would normally expect.

Of course, this is by no means the latest autumn has arrived. Autumn — that burst of brilliant color — is keyed to the weather. Dry weather with cold night is what usually makes the sap stop running and turns the trees bright and clear. We’ve had warm days with cooler nights, but not cool enough. And right now, we are enjoying rain brought to us by the remnants of former hurricane Jose. No wind, or at least not in this neighborhood. Maybe it is windier along the coast and on the Island — Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard maybe.

When the rain ends, then we shall see. October is always “the” month for autumn in this region. Further north, in Canada and Maine, they might already be deep into autumn, but I’m hearing that it hasn’t happened there, either. It is still late summer, even in the north.

I have a lot of pictures this month, but  you will have to wait one more month to see our glorious New England autumn.

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for more of this months wonderful seasons around the world.


    • From your lips to the sunny skies! Yes, the sun is OUT! It still doesn’t look like autumn because it’s too warm, but the TV weather folks are saying that in a few days, temperatures will drop and we will finally start to see autumn.

      The airplane pix were fun for me, especially because it being a hangar, I could take pictures of them from all different levels. I’m glad you’ve added Max to your name. I ran as Teepee12 for years until one day, I got really tired of being called “Teepee!”


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  3. 3 beautiful montages Marilyn, very nice… but my fave pic would have to be the b/w of Garry. That one should be the one on the flyleaf of his BOOK!! 😉



  4. Was it just a show? Or did you guys get to go up in one? I love the look of those airplanes. Garry’s looking good, too, in his newsman blazer. I like that shot of him kneeling with his camera. Is it difficult getting up from that position, Garry? It certainly is for me!


    • We might have gone up, but the flight went up and stayed up and eventually we went home. Next year? There was only one pilot, one plane — with two seats. So it was one person at a time. I think only one young woman went up and she was one of the scholarship winners.

      Garry is the ONLY man of his age who can not only get into that position, but get back up on his own. He doesn’t hurt until later.


    • We weren’t retired when we moved here and didn’t know we were about to become retired very suddenly and very soon. It was weird, you know. We bought the place and a year later, we were both out of work. Wham, bang … and it took a long time to work it all out. It was not an easy time.

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