It’s the end of September and Autumn should be blooming on the trees.

Bridge over the Blackstone at River Bend

It isn’t Autumn. You can see a few yellow leaves in patches, here and there. Occasionally you may see a sprig of red leaves amidst a sea of green.

Reeds along the river

The light has changed, though. Today, it was truly amber and it was clearly visible in all my pictures. They look as if they have been washed with a paintbrush of gold.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!


          1. We do have the AC on and it’s set at 80′ F. So it cycles on and off to keep it at that temperature. Thursday we may get some rain and the temperature should drop to 19′ C/68’F. quite a difference.


              1. We have a time of use in place here in Ontario. Our present Provincial government has made so many blunders that our provincial debt probably equals or exceeds our Federal debt. Since there is an election next year they had to do something about our hydro charges. They kicked the can down the road. Our great-grandchildren will be paying dearly for this.


  1. August was like a Fall preview, and then September (more accurately, Labor Day) rolled around and picked up where July had left off. 95 feels a lot better in July than it does in late September. Leaves are falling, though, maybe wilting in the heat…


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