Whatever there is of autumn, we can see as much of it from our deck as from anywhere else we’ve traveled in the valley. Garry and I took some pictures from the deck. We are chasing a tiny bit of autumn from our tiny little deck.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.


  1. We have VERY different gardens… yours goes on for EVER! 🙂

    Oh – and we have very different local wildlife too – i feel a lot safer with mine, although i’m very sure not all Australians could say that. 😉

    Nice shots Spike!



    1. It is. Though I often wish it would change sometimes. Mostly, we watch the trees get taller and the wild grapevines take over. Sometimes, though, there are deer and eagles. I know there are coyotes and we’ve gotten downright intimate with the wildcat. And fishers.

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        1. Wildcats do exactly what they feel like doing. Our wildcats are not very big, maybe the size of a very large housecat. Western ones are bigger. Anyway, they aren’t interested in the dogs. They are hunting rabbits and rats and squirrels. They do LOVE annoying the dogs, standing just outside the fence and making the dogs bark hysterically. They seem to think that’s bundles of fun.

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            1. They are pretty smart. They have learned to live VERY close to people and dogs and traffic. They are careful about cars. They know the fences keep the dogs in the yard. They breed in sheds and garages right next to houses. They are NOT afraid of people at all.

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                    1. Sure. All animal control officers and veterinarians and other animal workers are inoculated. It is a very expensive inoculation and your insurance won’t pay for it. I got it because I was (very briefly) an animal control officer. VERY briefly.

                      Anyway, those bobcats didn’t have rabies. They were just born and raised in our backyards. They knew people were not the enemy. They reminded me of how a lot of coyote and raccoon are also completely unafraid of people. It doesn’t mean they aren’t going to bite you if you get too close, but they aren’t rabid. They aren’t sick. They simply aren’t afraid of us.

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                    2. We have a lot of raccoons, coyote and then there’s the coy- wolf. It would be a good thing to have that vaccine if you were an animal control officer.


    1. True, but I had to laugh. Garry’s pictures were exactly the same as mine. It’s a woods. It looks like our woods, though it definitely looks different season to season, I’m always looking for something different to do with it, Garry got a picture of me and I got a couple of nice ones of him, but he doesn’t like them. He doesn’t like the way his neck looks. Vanity, all is vanity 🙂

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