I’m writing this as I watch the news coverage of the most recent mass shooting  in Nevada. 

Mass shootings are almost a daily event in the USA. Think about that. I just read an article from Newsweek that states there is a mass shooting in America almost every day.

This one was the largest and worst mass shooting in American history. And you have to work hard to get that kind of award in this country. The guy had more than 10 guns. At least one or more was an automatic rifle.

Another more accurate word for automatic rifle is A MACHINE GUN!! A machine gun has one purpose.  Kill large numbers of people quickly. It came into use on a large-scale in World War One.

It’s job was to mow down and slaughter hundreds of soldiers in a very short period of time. It worked really well. 50 to 70 THOUSAND soldiers would be killed in one single battle.

It worked really well in Las Vegas too. Over 58 people dead and over 500 wounded.

And of course, the first thing you hear from Republicans and NRA gun nuts is “Now is not the time to talk about gun control! We have to concentrate on the victims!” They said it when dozens of elementary school children were slaughtered in Newtown, CT.

They said it when a crazed right-wing nut job slaughtered nine black people worshiping at their church.

They said it when a nut job shot up a movie audience in Aurora.

And it goes on and on. And they’re doing it again. I have noticed that the NRA nut jobs haven’t trotted out their favorite piece of utter bullshit. “The only thing that can defeat a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

That one drives me  bat shit crazy. Maybe they aren’t dragging this one out this time because even if every person at that concert had a gun (and it was a country-music festival so you have to figure more than a few might have been packing) it wouldn’t have been much good against a guy on the 32nd floor in a hotel across the street.

Both Ellin and I took a gun safety course a few years back. It allowed us to buy a gun legally and register it in the state of CT where we live. It also allowed us to go to a target range and shoot our guns legally. Ultimately we decided not to get registered and get a gun. Why? Well, first, we realized we just don’t need a gun. Second, we learned from taking the safety course that guns are REALLY DANGEROUS. People shoot themselves accidentally all the time. The statistics would amaze you.

And third, Ellin was way too good at it. (Do not piss her off).

So, I am going to say it. I am going to commit heresy. THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS FUCKING STUPID. This almost religious obsession with fire arms is FUCKING STUPID.

The second amendment was a concession to the southern states because they were afraid that the federal government wouldn’t come to their aid when they had slave revolts.  It’s not that commonly-known, but one of  the slave states’ biggest problems was slave revolts.

They happened all the time. I can’t imagine why. So, these states wanted to be sure they’d have their own “Well-regulated state militias” to keep their “property” in line.

But here’s the thing. We don’t have slave states anymore, even though a few states still seem to think it would be a good idea. Why, then, do we still have this stupid amendment?

Did you know that it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the idea of the second amendment stopped meaning “A well-regulated state militia” and began to mean that you could buy all the guns you wanted — like hunting rifles, military assault rifles, silencers. Anything, with no regulation whatsoever.

Why? By the 1970’s the gun industry had sold all the handguns and hunting rifles they believed they could possibly sell. The market had been saturated. Sales were starting to drop. What did they do?  They started marketing assault rifles to the public.

After all, nothing takes a deer down better that an AK47 opening up on full automatic. You can pump forty rounds into that big bad buck in about 10 seconds.

That’s American!

The comedian Jim Jefferies does an iconic routine about gun control. He makes a lot of good points.

He mentions how about 10 percent of his audience is furious when he does the routine. One guy screamed at him after one show “You can’t change the second amendment!!”

To which he responds “Yes you can. It’s an amendment!”

He’s right. We had an amendment that made drinking alcohol illegal. Sixteen-years later, we added a new amendment to amend the amendment.

Now, the endless cycle will continue. Again and again. I feel sorry for the next mass murderer. He’s going to have to really step up his game to top this one. But this is America! I know we’re up to it.

Maybe gun control isn’t the solution. Maybe bullet control is. (Technically they are called cartridges. See? I told you I took the course.) Put a 5000% tax on every box of cartridges. If each cartridge cost about $100 dollars or more, it might help. A little.

After all guns, don’t kill people. The bullets coming out of the guns at 3,900 feet per second kill people.

Now is not the time to talk about gun control? Really? Bullshit. Now is exactly the time. And the next time it happens. And the next time after that.

Oh, and if anything I’ve said here has offended any NRA gun-toting “Merican”, or for that matter, anybody else? Fuck you. I don’t care. The first amendment gives me the right to say the second one sucks.


  1. Good Points Tom.

    NRA – “Now is not the time to talk about gun control!”
    Public – (The next day) ” How about now?”
    NRA – “I refer you to my previous comment.”

    etc etc etc.

    Last time i looked it up (not so long ago) the stats were 10,000 gun-related murders in the US per year. I heard after this shooting the figure of 30 000 mentioned. Fake News or typical rate of increase?

    Just exactly when will ‘Enough be enough’ for the American public to demand effective action??


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      1. Maybe the Age of Social Media holds the key to organising sufficient numbers of oppostion who want less weapons of mass destruction in our world (your country)?

        I can but hope someone has the smarts to form a viable resistance.

        Viva la revolucion! 😉


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    1. The 30,000 is more accurate. I don’t know if there ever will be enough. I live about 15 miles south of Newtown. I drive thru there all the time. If slaughtering 6 and 7 year old children didn’t do anything. I don’t know what will.


      1. Nothing i can think of – short of a nationwide change of MENTALity! and, sad to say, people are just not that smart. 😦

        I figured out the truth to the 30,000 stat: The figure for gun related murder in the US is much closer to 10,000 each year (13,286 in 2015 and 11,800+ so far this year (probably not counting the 59 in Las Vegas)); the amount of 30,000 includes the death from guns that were SUICIDES – approximately 60% of the total!

        This means ( i so love this) that if you own a gun you are TWICE as likely to end up killing yourself as murdering someone with it! More in fact, because some people can kill more than one person (and frequently do) with their gun but can only kill themselves once. (10,000 murders means less than 10,000 murderers while 20,000 suicides means 20,000 people shot themselves).

        So the next time someone says they are buying a gun or own one for their ‘protection’ you may want to hit them with the facts? 😉


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          1. I’m unsure about the accidental deaths as to what category they fit? I remember the recent case of the 9yo who shot a shooting range instructor with an Uzi!! Clearly uzi’s don’t kill people – 9 year old girls do! Sheesh!


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    1. Not until we get rid of every Republican and finally take on the NRA. The amazing thing is that something like 87% of the country wants gun control. Most members of the NRA do also. But the NRA owns congress.

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  2. I know this is nothing to laugh at, but I am chuckling at Ellin’s mug and your third reason,” Ellin was way too good at it. (Do not piss her off).” I would be afraid of family altercations.

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        1. Oddly, I have a few hundred rounds of ammunition in the basement. Ellin’s son left them here when he moved out years ago. He owns a few guns. So I have enough ammo to fight off a platoon and no guns. Maybe I could just throw them at 3,900 feet per second.

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          1. Or you could do what i saw a woman do in a movie?: jam the casing between two double closing doors and hit the striking pad with a nail and hammer as the baddie approaches you via said double door! 😉 ( Actually she may have used her high heel stiletto to do the striking??? )


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  3. Thank you for this. I feel such a deep sadness in my being. I want to scream FUCK a thousand times and punch the really disgusting people who are bought by the NRA!

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  4. Did you catch Jim Jefferies last night? He said there was no point in him saying again what he has said before. If we didn’t fix this after Newtown or Orlando, we won’t fix it now, either.

    Garry asked me if that “bump” has ANY other purpose than creating a machine gun.

    I said “No.”

    So he wants to know why we can’t at least ban THEM since they aren’t even MADE by a legitimate gun maker. Hard to find an answer for that one.

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  5. I hear what you’re saying and wish US lawmakers would, too. The ‘powers that be’ have pretty much banned peanuts in airplanes because someone might have a fatal allergic reaction. You can’t buy milk from a farmer because some child might have a reaction to bacterial contamination. A lot of drugs have been taken off the market because some people have died of heart attacks. Etc. And you can still buy an assault rifle in America. Go figure.

    Some remote areas, and some means of livelihood, almost require a rifle. If you live in the northern woods you might be attacked by a wild animal, etc. If you hit a deer on the highway it’s humane to put the thing out of its misery. But, apart from the army, no citizen on earth needs the type of weapon, or the quantity, this killer had.


      1. My brother and I have had some discussion about this. He’s on board with the NRA’s “no gun control” argument because he likes to hunt and do range practice. He says, “Frying pans kill people! Kitchen knives kill people! Are you going to ban everything that could possibly kill people?”

        The obvious flaw is, “How many people can you kill per minute with a frying pan?” Even if a nut entered a classroom with a knife, a lot of them would get out alive.

        The self-defense argument once was, “If you take away the citizens’ guns, then only the criminals will have guns.” But when children are being shot at, who can expect them to have guns to defend themselves? I think that argument has been dropped by now. I read a stat once that if there’s a handgun in a home, it’s four times as likely to injure or kill a family member than a threatening criminal.


        1. Plus, NO ONE has ever suggested taking away hunting rifles or target shooters. Ever. It’s never even been part of the argument. We have thousands of deaths in this country because TODDLERS get hold of guns and kill people. Toddler deaths. Garry and I were both working at times in places that were considered dangerous. We rejected guns as (a) too expensive — I really don’t know how criminals afford all those guns! and (b) Who needs guns in a house where people have tempers? He covered these stories where people shot each other. If they hadn’t had guns, they would have worked it out.

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            1. No one has ever suggested taking away rifles but there was a proposed law calling for registering all “long guns”—rifles, shotguns— which got hunters (including my brother) upset. Opposition was strong so the idea was cancelled, but there’s pretty strict control. All hand guns have to be registered.

              When we lived in Ontario there was a convention of Baptist ministers in Port Huron, MI, across the border from Sarnia. One day a busload of these Baptist preachers decided to do a quick day trip into Canada. At Canadian Customs all their hand guns were taken away for the day. 🙂 We were shocked that preachers would be packing, but they said a preacher in his suit looks like a lot like a businessman and is a target for muggings.


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