On a day when my “lead” story is ARE PEOPLE REALLY THAT STUPID?, it figures the Daily Post would have “genius” as the word of the day.

There are some very smart people in my world. Geniuses even. 

Why aren’t they running the world instead of the morons who actually ARE running it? If anyone has a sensible answer for that, please let me know. Otherwise, please see my lead story of the day.

The flat earth — according to Terry Pratchett

The world is not flat.

Vaccinations prevent plagues, the pox, and infantile paralysis — and much more.

9/11 was not a conspiracy.

We really did land on the moon.

We are not creating hurricanes using laser beams with the intent to “gain control” of “The People.”

Climate change is real and has been scientifically proven (repeatedly).

Drilling into the core of the earth to get some more combustible gas is stupid. And dangerous.

Guns DO kill people when in the hands of PEOPLE. Who own guns.

The first amendment allows you to say anything. It doesn’t force you to be a moron.

Not liking something doesn’t mean you should automatically reject it. A failure to fit into your idea of the way things ought to be is not a failure of science. It’s a failure of your brain.

If you believe any of these things, please, let’s not talk. If you can’t be convinced by any existing evidence, there’s nothing to talk about.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. probably because people are all different. and a genius could believe any of these things. a genius isn’t defined by whether they believe common sense things or not.
    Anyway, I think that geniuses have done Many things that have led the world. Martin Luther King, Einstein, Walt Disney, And also remember a genius does not have to be morally perfect or even good. Then add Mc Donalds, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Many many others everywhere. Also geniuses don’t lead the world, cause the world is too big and things are too complicated to ever have such a simple answer.

    As far as why people believe things that are wrong: emotion.


    1. Okay, they don’t have to lead. But surely we can do better than the dumbest? How about a normal person of reasonably high intelligence that actually has a few good ideas? And a moral center?

      I do NOT think a “genius” — not a real one, anyone — is likely to believe in a flat world, or that vaccinating children is a way to introduce RFID chips into them, or that we didn’t land on the moon (everything is a hoax). One of the things about genius is its ability to believe in evidence and understand reasoning. No, they would not believe in this kind of nonsense. They might be racist or personally hypocritical or even immoral, but if you have that kind of IQ, you do not ignore evidence because you “don’t LIKE it.”

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      1. genius: an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music, etc. So someone with exceptional creative and individual work is all that is needed to define genius.
        Again high IQ is defined by how well someone passes an intelligence quotient test. Which i believe that a person could easily do well on such a test and not necessarily be a logical person. Though often probably can be. And many very intelligent people are using logic and disregard things that are not science.
        This moving away from science has been an ongoing trend for a while I think. I’m not sure what started it. But definitely in my experience, those in more elitist/super smart/ highly educated groups are very geared towards only believing in what is provable. And those that don’t will get mocked. I have seen this first hand.

        The conspiracy theories you name are all the most extreme ones. Which few people do believe. But there are many lighter theories that contradict science. And which many people have at one time or other I think have considered a non true thing as if it is true. For instance having a dream where you think a dead relative is reaching out for you. Many people have felt spiritual things at one time or other. And personally while I do think this is a very slight threat to science, I think we should as a people allow it. As it’s all part of the great pot that is humanity.

        And of course, if you question anything in science, it can erode other things as well. And if you have a background where you grew up with others, and particularly the environment itself, believed a certain way, your chances for believing that too go up. Which again isn’t related to intelligence.

        But I understand what you’re saying. I am really frustrated by Trump and many sorts of things related as well.
        Sorry if I am argumentative/fussy over words. But I understand what you are saying.

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        1. There’s provable … and then there’s ridiculous. I don’t disparage faith. You can’t prove god or no god and no matter how long we argue about it, I don’t see a resolution. Faith isn’t provable one way OR the other. But science is also not just something you toss overboard if it disagrees with your point of view. There ARE facts and people who actually believe in a flat world or dismiss all modern medicine are not geniuses — of any kind.

          Do IQ tests actually test intelligence? Not entirely. They test parts of it. The parts that CAN be tested. There are other things that can’t be tested, but genius in other areas shows up in other ways. I’ve know a fair number of actual real geniuses and they didn’t spend any time at all dismissing people who disagreed with them. They had a strong tendency to be involved in their own stuff. If you believe in a flat world or think every item of news is a conspiracy? They would probably ignore you completely. Which may not be the worst position to take. Technically, I’m a genius. Practically, I’m not. I’ve known a lot of people a LOT smarter than me in every way that counts. I’m just incredibly good at taking tests. But am I smarter than the people supposedly running my government? I kind of think so.

          I know there are a lot of people that call THEMSELVES geniuses who are like the people you describe. Anyone can call themselves anything. I tend to look at more than scores. I look at accomplishments. One conversation with one of these super smart people probably gives you more understanding of genius than any number of tests. No one has ever dismissed anything I believed, however odd. They might ARGUE with me. Sometimes they win. Sometimes I remain unconvinced. But no one ever dismissed me, even when it was a subject in which I have NO credentials (like math). At the very least, they always listened.

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          1. In your last comment what really struck me was that you said that geniuses often dismiss those that have views that are very very off. And so wrote this comment with that thought centered around it. I apologize for any off tangent I go into.
            I think an intelligent person is someone who will be reasoned with. I don’t think that they will have to agree, but that they are capable of listening and considering something is to me an important thing.
            Some people who have such strong thoughts like flat earth, it’s not the extremity of the thought, but how bound they are in it, whether they can consider the possibility of being wrong. Cause people can make mistakes. But whether they can turn around or not to me is more important.
            Of course the real dangerous thoughts to me are not flat earth but those thoughts that have real consequences, like those who deny climate change, or believe in racist thoughts, that homosexuals are bad etc that are causing real harm to people that is to me sad.
            I care more about this then some one who is so deep in conspiracy theories. Also you cannot say someone who believes a conspiracy theory, such as flat earth, always will. But if they do for a few days, does that mean they are always too unintelligent to talk to. That they always deserve to be just dismissed. Or maybe intelligence is a fluctuating thing. Then again that goes against science too, as science says intelligence is determined from birth and doesn’t change.
            And can you really think badly of anyone less intelligent then another if it is how they are born and it is not something that will ever change, especially since it is one of the, if not the leading factor of whether someone is likely to become a successful person when they grow up or not. No other factor is as strong. Unfairness is really born into the system.

            As far as the system as a whole, and who leads it, I remain optimistic that eventually it will sort itself out and the smarter wiser of people will end up leading people into a world that is a better version that exists now. I know that sounds overly optimistic, but I just believe that people are working through their issues and politics now, and things take a long time to correct themselves. I could be completely wrong though.

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            1. And this is where I draw the line. I will reason with people who are reasonable. I cannot reason with people who dismiss anything I regard as knowledge, learning, science, truth, facts. Sorry, but a lot of these people are NOT REASONABLE. There is such a thing as absurd. Ridiculous. Nonsensical. If you are going to take a position that is essentially outside any kind of commonsense or knowledge — and when you dismiss any learning that exists in the rest of the universe, why would anyone bother to take you seriously? So much of this stuff is based on hatred and racism anyway. I’m not going to reason with someone who hates me because I’m Jewish or because my husband isn’t white. I’m not going to have a sensible discussion with them. There IS no sensible discussion to have.


  2. Good photo of A’Tuin carrying the four elephants carrying the flat world. Sometimes I wish I lived there, at least you can have a good laugh and everyone is an idiot, so it doesn’t notice so much as on our world.

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  3. It doesn’t take brilliance to run a country, but diplomacy. It takes someone with a few ideas of how things should be (hopefully not a fat Swiss bank account) plus a fair bit of charisma and a lot of tact (give or take.) They need to have the showmanship and salesmanship to convince people to support them and the willingness/flexibility to promise whatever to gain support. (I gather this is esp true in US Primaries.) And then the skill to fudge on delivery date without being called a liar.

    A Leader must talk tough — no push-overs need apply—and still be a people pleaser. He/she must have the diplomacy to bring Left and Right together and tie them in knots so they won’t unravel as soon as one side or the other is thoroughly miffed. A Leader has to play up the race/ethnic/newbie card to please the greens and at the same time downplay the race/ethnic/newbie card enough to please the blues. (It really pays to have an outside enemy threatening or attacking your country — always the best way to unite citizens.)

    Geniuses are often too smart and not charismatic or flexible enough to land themselves such a position. 🙂

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    1. You are probably right. Real geniuses on the whole make poor leaders. They prefer arguments to toughness. But I think there is a kind of genius to people who lead. An inherent understanding of how other people think and how to reach them. Maybe it doesn’t show up on tests, but it’s there.

      Our current administration are about as pathetic a lot as I could imagine and how as a nation, we could put them in office remains a mystery I will never solve. They have nothing to offer us. The aren’t good at anything as far as I can tell.

      All politicians make promises they can’t keep. Sometimes, they know it but more often, they mean it. It just turns out, that promise isn’t as simple as it was supposed to be. All new pols take a beating when they ascend to office. It’s one thing to run for office and a very different one to BE in office. Trump is the only president who is too stupid to be awed by the responsibilities of his office. Most people have the intelligence to be humbled by the power — if by nothing else.


  4. I’ve often jokingly said that whoever is running McDonald’s or Amazon ought to be pressed into power. Yet you already have a guy who has been massively successful … and he’s no genius. ??
    Wisdom is more important that genius I guess.

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  5. “Our current administration are about as pathetic a lot as I could imagine and how as a nation, we could put them in office remains a mystery I will never solve. They have nothing to offer us. The aren’t good at anything as far as I can tell.”

    You may not agree but i believe that is EXACTLY, word-for-word, what the people who voted Trump IN ( well, core Trump supporters at least) were saying for 8 years.

    Neither we, nor they, think the other side has any brains. In this we are both very much in agreement with the other half, if not exactly ‘alike’.

    Humanity can be described by ‘bell-shaped’ curves, split pretty much 50-50 down the middle into ‘opposing’ camps in a huge range of categories, both physical, intellectual and emotional. Most people fall into the middle 25-75 quartiles and have the closest connections , even between the differing halves/sides,to each other – they may disagree on some things but be largely accepting of each other. The real problem is with the two extreme quartiles who disagree diametrically and violently with the other side. This is a big problem because the middle lot generally have to ally with their extreme end points on where their views actually lie. there is no ‘strength’ in saying: “i sit right on the fence in the middle on this issue – both sides have a valid point”. To argue your point you ‘have to take’ (generally are forced to, or have no choice but to) the more extreme aspects of the topic.

    Putting it another way – those who ‘take a stand’ generally compress their key points into more narrow, fixed and opposing the other side’s ideas in order to try and make them clear and more distinct from those they oppose. this forces us all apart instead of drawing us together.

    We need to talk and think in a better way if we are ever going to drag ourselves out of this mess.

    But what would i know? I’m a nobody who will never rule anyone.



    1. Yeah – changing places with the other side (or trying to do the exact opposite of what was being done before that we did not like) does not successfully solve anything! Different does not necessarily mean better.

      Although if we could actually do that for a few days it might just enable us all to work better with the other side – like it or not we all live on the same planet (country/city/street etc.)

      As Jack Nicholson said in Mars Attacks!: “Why can’t we all just get along?” 😉


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  6. The really big problem is that the middle has gotten much smaller and the outer quadrants much bigger. Compromise IS the essence of making political progress. It always has been, not just today but as long as there have been politicians and political people. When everyone digs in and cannot compromise on anything, the result is what you see: stalemate. Nothing gets done. Problems never get solved. This is not how you run a democracy, not our kind or your kind. If no compromise is possible, no progress will occur.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people are very sorry they voted the way they did. However bad it was before, they have lost a lot more than they have gained and anyone who isn’t convinced the earth is flat has noticed. Worse, the likelihood that this is the way it is going to remain for years to come is the probable outcome.

    On the upside, for what it is worth, I think a lot of people are learning that just because you are unhappy with what IS, flipping it over and getting something completely different isn’t necessarily the answer.

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  7. As a person who has been considered of above average intelligence, what I have learned is that a lot of people have a tendency to feel intelligent people are scary, and also may prefer not to have to wrap their heads around what is the truth of the matter, aka, often some things they can not comprehend… We are/were , however, very handy to have around when they needed help with classwork…..


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