It isn’t as glorious an autumn as I have seen, but when I woke up this morning, the sun was shining and the woods were glowing gold.

Our backyard with the table, the glider, and the shed.

This is as pretty as our woods get. We don’t get that gorgeous scarlet because we have no maple trees. The dark shade from the tall oaks makes it impossible for maples to thrive.

The first leaves to change color, the first to drop from the tree

We do have one maple directly in front of the house. It is turning scarlet. I’m not sure, but it may be the only maple on our property. 

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

19 thoughts on “LOOKING OUT MY BACK DOOR”

  1. You have a wonderful view from your back door and I am sure you also have the accompanying noises of nature to go with it. I am jealous, all I have is metal scaffolding – but that will also depart eventually, I hope.


    1. Half the year, that entire area is buried so deep in snow, NO one can go there. Just birds … and little ones at that. We tend to hang out on the deck, thus dodging around all those stairs. I also like the view from the deck. When the family was young, we had barbecues and stuff on the lawn, but there’s just two of us. I love the view, but I’m happy to relax on the deck with the kitchen just a couple of feet — no stairs — away.

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    1. It is changing, but we haven’t had the right weather. We need cooler days and much colder nights. It is much warmer than it ought to be this time of year. We are getting color and we will get more, but I think we’ve missed the opening for a full change. Unless the weather does a very sudden shift. We keep having these lovely, summery days. Garry loves wearing shorts. I don’t mind the warm weather, but maybe some really cold nights?

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  2. Those trees look like they would do a pretty fair job of keeping the rest of the world from intruding on your privacy and home… if only it weren’t for the darn TV/Internet huh? 😉

    I think i’d feel pretty safe there!

    You have your warm weather we have unusually cold ( like mid winter!) weather at the moment, although Spring weather is forecast for late this week.

    Fortunately, it is not stopping my garden from looking like it really is mid-spring after all ! 🙂



    1. It’s pretty private here. In the winter, no one but us will even attempt the driveway. If we don’t keep cutting things down, we might be trapped IN the house! And yes, it’s till pretty warm around here. It looks like fall, but it feel like July.


      1. 80 degrees + is just about my perfect weather – but we probably have different humidity /comfort levels over here. And it can be annoying when you get 80 but would prefer 60 something. 😉



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