Today ought to be the fourth game of the World Series. The actuality of this event will depend on the weather in New York and Boston. It is supposed to rain in both cities, so I suppose it’s a matter of exactly how much rain. It will have to be a real deluge before they will call a game of this magnitude … but players get seriously hurt on wet fields, so the possibility is up there.

Assuming the games go forth, those of us who have continued to believe throughout the long season are also pleasantly bemused.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sport- After suffering two crushing defeats at the hands of the defending AL champs, the Yankees send Masahiro Tanaka to the hill to stop the bleeding and help them get back into this series.

Both the Red Sox and the Yankees were two games to nothing when they got to this coast. That’s bad in a five-game playoff series. If you want to be realistic about it, it’s probably fatal and your team is about to be washed out to sea. Again.

Instead, both Sox and Yankees pulled game 3 out of the bag. We won.

Now the standings are two-to-one for both teams. Everyone, including us, had assumed the American League playoff would be the “real” series this year. Houston and Cleveland are powerhouse teams. They’ve got it all — pitching, hitting, fielding. As far as hitting goes, the Sox are wildly out-gunned. If David Price hadn’t come into the game yesterday and shut down Houston, there would be no game today. Ditto for the Yankees.

Ending in a huge 10-3 victory for the Red Sox!

Mind you, we aren’t so deep in the denial and belief bag that we are sure we are going to win the whole thing. In any case, we have to remind ourselves that only one team from each league team will go to the series — and only one will win in the end. Everyone else, no matter how terrific they were all season, goes home and dreams of summers to come.

But this is the time for belief. Maybe it won’t happen but it is nice to have this spark of hope and a little glow of wonderment. There hasn’t been a lot to believe in — or much we could see as wonderful this year — or last year, either.

We need this. Even if it’s just for a game or two.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

25 thoughts on “A DAY TO BELIEVE – WORLD SERIES GAME FOUR – 2017”

  1. Just turned on Sox-Houston Game #4. It’s 2-1 in 2nd with rain falling at Fenway. Stay tuned!! Astros just scored. Turning off computer to shower and return later. Mother of mercy!!

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    1. I’m surprised. Cleveland was really HOT all year. But you know, the play-offs are always surprising. It’s like another season. things don’t happen like people predict. Garry’s kind of bummed. Of course he is. He’s invested in the Sox. I am too, but not like he is. I was just glad they at least put up a fight before going down … which both of us expected.


    2. Squirrel, looks like the sons of Tito will have their hands full with the Baby Bombers in game 5. Can someone fire ALL those lousy, cliche-ridden announcers and bring back Vin Scully to simultaneously call ALL the games?? DEUCES WILD!!


  2. I learned a very long time ago when following sport with any kind of fan-aticism…

    … Some years you win – MANY more you don’t.

    I can get much better returns on my emotional investments now than i ever got from sport. 😉


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