Television Garry in the kitchen

I woke up this morning and it was raining. I went back to sleep and when I woke up later, it was still raining. I got dressed. Started the coffee and toasted a muffin, but it was still raining. I got the distinct impression it was going to be an all day rain.

As close to painting as my camera can take — kitchen window and yellow woods

From the deck — a hint of orange begonias with a yellow woods

Too bad. We finally have enough color in the trees to make an excursion worth the effort. Even with a weather-proof camera, I didn’t feel like going out there into the drip, drip, dripping for a few pictures. But … where there’s a deck and a window or two, there are pictures. Even if they are similar to a lot of other pictures.

Our maple tree — red, finally

The most fun picture of the day was Garry. He was telling me how he gets tired of hearing how men aren’t interested in fashion. He has always been very interested in fashion and spends a fair amount of time deploring the terrible suits television announcers are wearing these days.

Perfect golden woods

He cannot understand how people who have that much money and are on TV can’t look in the mirror and realize they look awful. Don’t they have friends who tell them the truth? Doesn’t anyone warn them the suit is too tight, wrong cut, wrong color, wrong … everything?

Tomorrow, those yellow leaves will drift to the ground

“HOLD THAT POSE!” I said, running for the camera. Good TV guy that he is, he held the pose and I got a few pictures that are just so very Garry. He looks like television Garry, the guy we all remember watching through the decades.

Nice view from the window over the sink — a kitchen special

And of course, I went out to the deck to get a few shots of the woods which is now almost entirely bright yellow. I took a couple of dozen shots. All  of them good because really … if you can’t take good pictures in New England in October, you should get rid of your camera and take up some other activity. Just saying.

When you tell Garry to hold the pose, he holds that pose!

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  1. You’re lucky to live with a guy who loves fashion. I’m not obsessed, but I love when people know how to put clothes together to highlight their best features.
    And of course nature in NE in the fall is always well-dressed. Its wardrobe is stunning. Even under the rain.
    Congrats to Garry for holding the pose. I’m very bad at that:)


    • Garry spent 40 years in media, 35 of them on TV news. Tell him what to do. He does it. He taught me how to smile on cue.

      Autumn is not is its best glory, but it is lovely. Not our best, but even a mediocre autumn is beautiful.


  2. I don’t know if it is the same in the USA , but I’m always puzzled by TV sports presenters at the cricket in summer. It can be forty or more degrees Celsius and they are wearing dark suits, collars and ties. It seems so impractical and uncomfortable. Most of the cricket commentators are former players so I’m not going to respect them less if they wore something more suitable for being out in the sun . They do, thank goodness, wear hats these days, usually an Akubra. Perhaps Garry could suggest why the suit is important?


    • It isn’t up to them. They are told what to wear by their bosses. Yes, it would be nice if they could dress sensibly and comfortably, but short of a blizzard or hurricane, that doesn’t happen. The suit is important because the boss says it is.

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  3. There is a fashion section in our newspaper. Men are wearing loafers with out socks and the rest of their out fits aren’t too impressive either.


  4. Lovely autumn pictures, and well held, Garry. Hope the rain has passed. One can do without the drip and drip.


  5. The suits men wear on television now are horrible! Shiny, skinny legged, skin tight and some pair it with sneakers. Back in my day they would have been the brunt of jokes. Still wearing clothes they had outgrown. I miss the days when journalist truly did journalism and looked like trusty worthy people. Now they scream: I did not make it in acting, so here I am!


    • Exactly how Garry feels. I know that sometimes, they have to wear the clothing given to them by whoever is sponsoring the clothing … but surely they can say “NO. THIS SUIT DOES NOT FIT ME PROPERLY. Go back and fix it.”

      They DO look like they are wearing clothing they grew out of. Also, a lot of it is UGLY.

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  6. Your foliage is beautiful- the rain must make everything more vibrant. There is an instagram site called Fashion Grandpas. People capture shots of older men in NYC who they deem fashionable and post the photos. Unbeknownst to my brother in law, he was captured by the camera and his pic posted, someone he knew saw it and told us all- what excitement! He has always been very fashion conscious, loves to dress. here he is


    • Garry used to make Boston’s best-dressed (and most eligible) on a regular basis. If he had anywhere to actually WEAR dressy clothing, I’m sure he’d have some, but we don’t go out much, so casual are us. Now, I’m off to look at your link!

      He does look good. And I love the hat!


    • I feel I should mention that I used to LOVE hats … and I looked good in them. I used to have a really excellent collection of them, too. But when they made cars with those head rests, I couldn’t wear hats in the car, so gradually, I more of less gave up. Now, baseball hats and a few floppy little ones. I miss the lovely ones with the feathers and stuff … and the wide brims. I just never got to wear them here … and all those hat boxes were really taking up space.


  7. My fashion these days are t-shirts/windcheaters (depending upon season) and track suit bottoms or shorts!

    Dress standards have dropped in my opinion (noticeably so with TV news/journalists) and style has largely disappeared. If you are well dressed where i am these days people think you must be going to a funeral! (Not that many who go to funerals are what i would call well-dressed!)

    That maple is beautiful! 🙂



    • That’s what we all wear. But dressing casually doesn’t mean dressing ugly. I think I look best in jeans and a tunic. Flattering and comfortable. Garry loves shorts, tee-shirt, and boat shoes But he always looks good in them. It’s like buying a bathing suit. It isn’t a fancy garment, but it has to fit and look good on you, right? I mean at least when you wore something like that. It’s not about the dress level. It’s about how good it looks on you and how it makes you feel.

      Around here, if you come to work “dressed,” everyone knows you are going to an interview. I used to keep another outfit in the car.

      Things you get dressed for: formal occasions like weddings, funerals, bar mitzvah, job and other interviews (like for getting into college). The only people who really get dressed for work are lawyers, people who appear in public (politicians), most reporters (even if they aren’t fancy, they are still quite “put together”). Women dress better than men and that isn’t a matter of taste. If women dressed like men, they would never get any attention at work.


      • These days i dress down much more than i used to – even for weddings. You stick out here if you don’t. With pre torn /stained jeans the height of fashion there sems little point looking like you can afford ‘good’ clothes.

        Back when i worked for the fed public service as a clerk in Education i generally wore a suit, business shirt tie and smart shoes. I think jeans and a short sleeved open necked shirt with a collar is considered a decent standard for men’s dress.

        Times have changed – not for the better in my view. 😦



  8. Aw, poor guy, having to stand like that while you raced off to get a camera. Good job they’re always close at hand!


  9. Living in the middle of a forest as you seem to is always good for photos. We both dress classic, but I have noticed that on tv and in real life, women are wearing mainly trousers and a top. Here and there you might see a dress. Since we don’t have to dress up for work we are glad. I notice on tv that the tie is not as common as it used to be.


    • I used to ONLY wear pants, but I have an itchy rash around my abdomen. Elastic makes it ten times worse, so if I don’t want to spend my life scratching, I have to wear things without elastic around my waistline, except for brief periods. It is REALLY ANNOYING. I much prefer pants to dresses, but the rash has been coming and going for more than 40 years and there comes a point where you just give up. I pretty much gave up. I wear pants for those times when a dress is ridiculous, like when we are out on the Curley’s boat. Otherwise, it’s loose things without an elastic waistband.

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  10. “He was telling me how he gets tired of hearing how men aren’t interested in fashion.” I am a man and I, for one, have never had much interested in fashion, even when I was still in the workforce. Of course, I was never on TV and I’ve never had “that much money,” so there’s that.


    • Garry was always interested, even when he had NO money and wasn’t on TV. His father was a tailor, so that may have contributed. He just thinks people should stop saying “men aren’t interested in fashion.” Some men are not interested. Others are. Anyone who works in front of the public either is or will be interested. It’s part of the job. And it’s never a bad idea to discover what looks good on you, is it? A really bad outfit is a major turn-off to a lot of people — and not just the opposite (or same) sex. Employers, too. Interviewers. Appearance and looking good matter to many people.

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