The temperature has dropped, but not the humidity. We have the best of all possible weather patterns: chilly, damp, and gray. Occasional rain and a really bad backache. But, on the positive side, the trees look great!

Today we are taking our most exceptional Scottish Terrier, the lovely and personable Bonnie Annie Laurie to the groomer to be returned to her loveliness. Right now, she has reached the bag-of-dirty-black-rags stage and she doesn’t smell great, either. Normally, we take both terriers at the same time, but I couldn’t afford both of them this month. So Bonnie is going this month and I will schedule Gibbs for next month.

If we are lucky, Duke won’t be a dog who needs much grooming. The occasional bath and brush will probably be sufficient for him.

This is her “good” end. The other end looks much worse.

Gibbs has less “coat” than Bonnie. His coat is harsher, less curly, much less bushy. Scottish Terriers are not supposed to be curly or bushy. Sometimes, I wonder if there’s a whiff of Cairn in her background. She a rescue from a puppy mill, so it’s more than possible.

Unfortunately, it’s mucky outside, so we will get her home from the groomer and back to her beloved mud.

So off we go. We’ll be back this afternoon, by dinner, if not earlier.

Bonnie will smell better while looking exceptional for a few hours, at least.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. Gibbs can now take over. He has NOT been groomed and he looks as wild and woolly as they get. The boys were very happy to get Bonnie back. VERY VERY happy. She was less happy to BE back. I could see her thinking “What a bunch of DOGS.”

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    1. I’m sure she does since she usually rolls in the dirt within minutes after we let her out of the car. But the boyz thought she was totally yummy. She has been snarling at them since she got back.


  1. Och, she’s a Bonnie wee lassie! 😉

    Definitely the right choice of the ends to photograph and post – at least pre groom! 😉



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