A Photo a Week: Under Glass

I’m pretty sure Nancy really wanted a picture of something shot through glass, and I suppose I could have gone down the hall and shot a picture of my dolls in their glass cabinet. Of, for that matter, the glass cabinet in this room. Some of them are more accurately … through glass. Sunglasses. And a little amber bottle.

Quincy Harbor from the 7th floor …

Past the tools through the glass table

Glass on glass


    • Thanks. That’s the best view of the harbor I ever saw. I didn’t want to shoot through the window, but there was no choice. No balcony. Glad I did it.

      The amber bottle came with a tiny daffodil in it from my son. I have kept the bottle. In case I have another tiny daffodil πŸ˜‰


    • The plates are 18th century antique Rose Famille porcelain from China … but Limoges copied the designs. Actually, a LOT of companies copied these designs.

      The table has a glass top, a shelf underneath where I keep some of my old Chinese plates and some not-nearly-so-old (about 50 years) Wedgewood. Also some relatively new Italian glass. It’s nice to get some use out of the table. Beneath that, it also has drawers where I keep things like the tick puller for the dogs and collars and spare remote controls. Coffee tables are usually just a waste of space. This one at least displays stuff and hold other useful small items.

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