What can I say about loyalty except …


Loyal. Honest, usually. Faithful, for the most part. Ours … absolutely!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

52 thoughts on “LOYALTY, THY NAME IS DOG”

    1. Zoo, even when the furry kids drive me nuts (a daily occurence), I wind up smiling and laughing amid my sputtering profanities.

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  1. I think you’re both loyal to each other. Just look at the love in those eyes. There’s even a change in Dukes’ eyes. There’s a real look of love there.

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    1. He broke into the bedroom this morning. To give him credit, he looked around and backed out. I think he thought maybe he’d crossed that line. I don’t want him to know how fragile our doors really are! It could be the end of all hope at home.

      They are loving. Sometimes a bit psycho, too!

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    2. Yeah, sure, Leslie!! But there’s also a Norman Bates look in those eyes. He’s such a funny whirling dervish of frenzied activity. He may live to see tomorrow.

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        1. He IS getting better … with glitches. If I catch him when I can see “intent” in his eyes, I look at him and I say “Don’t do it, Duke. Not worth it. Don’t DO it.” Usually, he doesn’t do it. Usually.

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        2. Leslie, Duke is a Jekyl-Hyde kid. I was thinking about that around 11:30 pm last nigtht as he lay quietly, stretched out between Marilyn and me on the love seat. I was patting and stroking him softly. I was even lifting his paws up and down. A serene moment.

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            1. I’m sure Duke barks in warning too … but I have not yet picked up all the nuances of this barking. He may be barking in more than one language. Perhaps … Chinese or Korean plus good old American street barking.

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            1. Now that Duke knows he isn’t allowed to stand in front of us while we eat and bark furiously, he lies there and moans. When that doesn’t work, he tries a few barks. Garry looks at him and Duke goes and lies down in the crate. But he will take food — LAST in line and wait while the other two get theirs — and NOT take off my fingers. This is significant improvement. Thank you Dusty!

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                1. I have explained that to him, but he doesn’t seem to understand that his dinner is the one in the bowl on the floor and not generally served on a table. With a fork. But I’m sure he’ll get it. I think he believe ALL mealtimes are for him. And anytime in between that someone steps into the kitchen … or even LOOKS at the kitchen.

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  2. I have never ever had a dog. I know they are faithful and everything that goes with it, but when you have never had the experience of having your own dog, you have missed it all. Cats: I, me and myself and the others afterwards, but they know where to cuddle and sleep, although usually the places are where you want to sleep.


    1. When Garry and I got together, he had two cats and I had one. I had many dogs from childhood on, but not while living in an apartment. Garry had a couple of dogs too … but had given up trying to balance his career and dogs. So, we had cats and we had GREAT cats. Our last cat – Big Guy, a golden Somali – was the best cat … and after that, the last cat. There was no way we could ever get a cat as amazing as Big Guy. He was a cat and a half, at least.

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  3. Dogs are so loyal, even to death. It breaks my heart when I see the mistreatment of pets, dogs who remain out of loyalty to a creep. It’s so gratifying to see a dog with an owner that loves them. back and cares making them a part of the family.

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