We didn’t go out today or yesterday. It was gray yesterday and even grayer today, with dribbles of rain too. Garry still doesn’t feel well. He’s got the thing that’s going around. I had it before, so I hope I don’t get it again.

It has gotten quite chilly. The chill goes well with the damp. This is going to be one of those years when we go seamlessly from air-conditioning to heating with nary a weekend in between.

Interesting the ways in which the light changes with the seasons. Remarkable how these relatively subtle lighting changes affect our pictures. This time of year, at this latitude, the sunlight — especially in late afternoon — is amber. It is at its most amber at around 4:30, just before it starts to get dark.

Everything changes color. I know that those leaves are yellow, with the golden light, the camera says they are closer to gold or orange. I can’t make the leaves yellow without making the colors in the rest of the picture change too … so they have remained as close as I could keep them to the way I — and my camera — saw them.

This is the absolutely best time of year for color portraits. Anyone with a hint of skin pigment looks amazing in that amber light. The rest of us don’t look half bad either.

Home again.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

23 thoughts on “OCTOBER IN THE VALLEY”

    1. Garry was first mad at me for waiting so late in the day, but when he saw the light, he changed his mind. We only get that light from the end of September to about the middle of November, then it turns to pale yellow, then nearly white with a hint of blue in winter.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how beautiful the world is with next to no humans in it???

    I think there’s probably a lesson in there for all of us.



  2. I hope Garry will feel completely recovered soon, and that you will not catch it again. The subtle light in your landscapes makes these frames poetic, the one of a closer view of pine leaves is my favourite. Beautiful and beautifully written post.


    1. As I look outside now, the red leaves are almost gone. About half the leaves have already fallen. Autumn got here late, but the fall of leaves is early. We usually get at least one more week.


  3. Wish Garry a speedy recovery for me, Marilyn.
    You can see the change in light in your photos. The season is moving along very fast. (mid October already)


    1. I think he’s feeling a little better. It’s so easy to pick stuff up. Just go to the grocery and meet a few people. Every has something to pass along πŸ™‚

      We had one really good shooting day and luckily, we were there. Not much of a season this year. Oh well.


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