I love summer but I also love fall. I don’t see the signs of the season changing as omens of doom. I like the briskness in the air and the change in the quality of the light. I love to watch the leaves change color in my backyard.

Most of all, I love the change in my wardrobe. I get to swap out the clothes I’ve been wearing for the past six months, for totally different clothes. Over the summer, I forget what I wore before the weather turned warm and the clothes got lighter and skimpier. When I go into my ‘off season closet’, it’s like greeting old friends. “Hi! I remember you!” “I missed you. You were my favorite!”

I really like fall and winter clothes. I particularly love boots. I wear short boots rather than shoes on most days. And I love the look of a high boot over my jeans and pants.

Some of my boots that are now out from storage

I also love sweaters. I feel cozy when I put on a second layer and wrap it around my body. I also love to wear a long shirt over a tank top or a turtleneck. And I adore thick, comfy sweater tops.

Again, it’s mostly the change itself that I love. It feels like I get to be two different people over the course of the year. I’ve always been clothes oriented. I need to wear something that feels right for what I’m doing or feeling that day. Sometimes it’s important that I feel super casual and loungy. Sometimes I need to feel sharp and chic.

My fall/winter sweaters

I even like the process of swapping out one season’s clothes for another. It’s like a new start with new possibilities. It’s also cathartic to rearrange my closet. It gets to start each season so neat and organized. By the end of the season, it needs its biannual facelift.

I hate heat — and this summer was not very hot. So I’m not as desperate as usual for cooler weather. I just look forward to saying hello again to my coats and outer jackets. I have beautiful scarves and I have gloves to go with each coat. So I’m ready for the fall.

Bring on the big chill!


  1. Ellin, I often wondered what it would be like to live in a place where the weather was perfect all the time. Perhaps the change of seasons would be okay if they weren’t so extreme. I no longer look at the snow with the eyes of a child. It has to be shovelled (and I’m not doing it). The extreme humid heat is very taxing. After your comment about the clothing – I now have to go and clean up the closet.


    1. Good point about extremes in weather. I just appreciate the changes over the year. I don’t appreciate the extremes when they are happening. I have a friend who lives in Florida. For him, winter is the best season and summer is like our winter – the weather is so extreme (hot), you can’t go out during the day. You’re stuck inside in the air conditioning, just like we are in the cold and snow. My daughter lives in California. The weather there never gets extreme and could be called ideal. Except for draughts, mudslides and floods, wild fires and earthquakes! So maybe nothing is perfect!

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  2. I’ve never lived in a single climate place, but I’ve certainly lived where there are really only two seasons, summer and not-summer. I like four seasons (well, really, three) MUCH better. More interesting, even when inconvenient.


    1. I remember when we had four distinct seasons. And I had four distinct wardrobes to go with each weather change. Now you’re right, it’s really two or maybe two and a half seasons. There is a short transition between summer and winter and again between winter and summer. I wouldn’t call them full seasons though. I only change my closet out twice a year, not four times, like I used to.


        1. I miss the transition seasons. You got to get used to the intermediate weather for a while. And got to wear different kinds of clothes for months at a time. We used to go weeks without either the heat or the air conditioning. This year we have been alternating between heat and air – one day it’s one and the next day it’s the other. Very strange.


    1. I don’t love winter. But as long as I can put on a coat and stay warm, I’m fine with it. I hate feeling cold, but I rarely have to – except when the air conditioning is too high in the summer. I end up wearing sweaters in the summer to protect against over aggressive air conditioners! More than in the winter, when the heat usually works just fine.

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