19 thoughts on “HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT”

  1. Or the cat who ‘hides’ under the blanket, totally unaware that his tail is out, and that you can see a mysterious cat-shape moving stealthily underneath. I always pretend to be surprised.

    If Gibbs had closed his eyes, he would have been totally invisible, you realize that 😉


  2. Our granddaughter used to do that when she was a toddler. She would hide her head between my legs thinking if she couldn’t see us we couldn’t see her.


    1. I thought you might enjoy this one. I do love your challenges. They always make me think — and thinking — well — you know, thinking is … well … thinking. Meanwhile, it’s raining and it’s windy and ALL THE LEAVES I WAITED FOR ARE BLOWING OFF THE TREES. I got maybe a dozen pictures with my really terrible tiny camera yesterday and I’m betting that was IT for this season.

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