I’ve been meaning to say something about this post for a few hours and keep getting side-tracked. Answering comments. Checking email. Another cuppa coffee anyone? Now, it’s after three and here I am. I’m supposed to say something surreal. Maybe something politically wise or emotionally meaningful.

I think today’s not my day for that.

Life is surreal.

Maybe it’s a bit more so with the Jack of Clubs on the throne, but life has been pretty strange for me a long time. There is no “normal life.” There’s just life.

Weird things happen to all of us and there’s no explanation. Shit happens. No one sends a manual. There are no instructions. It’s apparently our job — the human job — to squirm our way out of and through whatever we’ve fallen into, then act like it was “no big deal.”

Drawing: Sir-John-Tenniel

Maybe that’s why I’ve always related to Alice and her long fall down the rabbit hole of life. Real life, my life and probably your life — is very like that rabbit hole. You fall into it. Eventually you land somewhere. Nothing makes sense, but … well … there you are. Foursquare at the bottom of a long hole. Maybe you are huge or tiny. Maybe you think you’re a cockroach.

Regardless, you’re pretty sure you’re suppose to do something, now that you’ve landed. You can’t just sit there, right? Just looking up and wondering if maybe you should try a scramble to the top. Because nothing made more sense before you started falling and getting back to the top won’t really clarify anything. And you’ll probably fall down the next hole you come to.

You might as well do the best you can with what you’ve got.

My, I’m so hungry. I think I’ll take a bite of that cake over there. Could you pass me that cup of glowing green liquid? I need something to wash down that bite of … oh my! … cake. I think I will wander off down that hallway, if i can get that tiny doorway open.

Anyone feel like joining me? This is just like Lord of the Rings, but without Mordor, Sauron, or the Ring. Or Gandalf.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

31 thoughts on “SURREAL. LIKE LIFE.”

  1. Yes! Just like Alice. This moment in history could use a good does of Max Ernst’s surrealism and Lewis Carrol’s Alice (without the drugs). “Nothing makes sense, but … well … there you are.” What to do? This morning listened or half an hour to an MPR program with a panel of Republican pundits but had to turn it off. Up was down. Left was right and right was left. The floor was a ceiling and the ceiling a floor. The Jack of Clubs has flaws, sure . . . don’t we all . . . but he’s the new Moses leading us all out of Egypt. I get a head ache remembering the nonsense that passed for sense. Thank you, Marilyn, for putting the sense of it into words.


    1. I feel like all I’m doing is explaining that we are living in a nonsensical world and our job is to somehow or other, keep going … and try to remember which end of us is supposed to be UP πŸ™‚


  2. Like Gregor in The Metamorphosis or in the 2nd film version of the fly. In 2009 when I turned 50 I felt like menopause was making my life more and more surreal. The ups, downs, mood swings, hot flashes — I’ve been feeling like a middle-aged Alice in Wonderland the Inner-City version! LOL!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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  3. I’m not sure anymore which is more surreal, the dreams that I have at night or the reality in the age of Trump that I wake up to every morning.


  4. Precise description of life as we know it…version 2017 and beyond. And nobody said it (that I saw anyway), but what is ‘normal’ anyway? A heat setting on your dryer…

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    1. Whenever I think “I’ve seen it all,” I see something so wacko it makes my head spin. We have never see it all. Although to be fair, if I had missed this year it would have been just fine with me.


  5. Well, Rebel Guy and I can say our life did not turn out the way we expected it to, But we keep on keeping on and try to enjoy life. Some days though…it is a struggle to not fall into despair!


  6. Sad thing is Marilyn – we have NO CHOICE BUT to follow you down the rabbit hole, through the door and beyond to who knows where? Unless you count slipping into madness, of course, and choosing to make our own version of reality – but then who could tell the difference these days??

    The only real ‘comfort’ – if you could call it that – is that the rate of change within our modern Western society is increasing so fast that if you don’t like reality now just wait a year and it will be replaced by something fairly drastically different…. although i could not guarantee it would be in any way better! πŸ™‚

    Maybe this is just a way of softening us all up by the real powers that be for the introduction of Rule by Artificial Super Intelligence, by showing us that human being politicians are just not up to the job anymore??
    I certainly believe my politicians have absolutely no clue as to how to run a country today – they are all about two generations off the ‘pace’. Australian Federal politics is truly an utter farce of incompetance and self-destructive power plays. 😦



    1. Wait a year? How about a couple of days? The way things are going, it’s absolutely dizzying.

      However much I dislike the powers that be, the idea of being ruled by a computer is too terrifying to contemplate.


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