On the street where we live.

The day the leaves finally turned, it started to rain. Twenty-four hours later, it’s still raining. According the weather channel, it will continue to rain tomorrow and Thursday, but by Friday, the sun will shine.

My front yard

More from the front yard

Considering it is also windy — windy enough that trees are down and power is out — when you add the rain, by Friday, we’ll have bare trees. That is when The Big Cleanup will begin.

It’s Duke, guarding the fence from potential intruding Other Dogs

A bright autumn afternoon along the Mumford River

In the meantime, I have a few pictures. I took them yesterday on the only camera I own that isn’t quite up to par. I wasn’t planning to take pictures at all, so this is the one I tuck in my purse in case of emergency. I am so very glad I had at least that little camera or I’d have nothing from the one peak day of Autumn for 2017.


Home – Rainy day in October – Photo Garry Armstrong


  1. We’re finally coming off our autumn heat wave. It was 100+ for a couple of days earlier this week, and is still well over 80 during the afternoons! It is supposed to cool down a little over the weekend.

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    • We lost power, but only for about 4 hours. A lot of places were hit much worse. It did strip all the bright leaves from the trees and it’s still raining. It has been raining most of the time for a few weeks. The rain is good, to a point, but everything is SO damp and chilly. Can you imagine being in Puerto Rico and not knowing when, if ever, you would get power back? What a mess! Garry went out into the rain to take pictures as did I. I became obvious we weren’t going get that “nice day” for shooting the colors. We shot on a not nice day instead.


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