I rerun and rewrite archived posts. I pretty much always do at least some editing for anything I post and in many of the older posts, I do enough rewriting to make it newer than older. I rewrite to make sure dates and any other “hard” information is correct … and I rewrite because there’s always something that needs fixing.

Garry by the dam

Garry was explaining that he feels he needs to always tell people it’s a rerun, even if it is also a nearly full rewrite. I asked him if the shows on TV come with a big “RERUN” plastered across the screen.

“No,” he said, “But I’m a better man than they are.” I bet if he were managing the blog, he’d change his mind fast enough.

I used to reblog things. Reblogs were obviously reruns, so I didn’t have to point it out. Now my reblog function essentially doesn’t work and I have to use “Press it” — a major hassle. It’s just as easy to copy it, rename it, edit it and let it fly. Most of the people reading me today never read these posts in the first place. If you are one of my old friends and realize you’ve read it before, feel free to stop.

I always improve the post during the rewrite anyway, so that old piece may have a bright new shine. I find all the klutzy sentences that bothered me in the past. I fix them. Sometimes, my third rewrite is a huge improvement on the original, reminding me how much I miss having a real, live editor.

There’s more to it than just rerunning things because I’m looking for “something to post.” I have almost 6,000 posts archived, many of which were seen just once, years ago. What a waste of material to never use any of them again.

I have a “random post” finder in the rightmost column of my “front page.” Test it out sometime, just for fun. I use it to see what will show up. Half of the pieces that pop to the top? I have absolutely no memory of having written them. If I can’t remember writing it, how many other people will remember it? Also, a lot of earlier posts never got much attention. Some of them got maybe two or three views and no comments and if they are reasonably good, they deserve better than that.

A lot of posts are thoughts for the moment. Some of them come out much better than expected — while others make me gag. Some posts just get neglected. Last week, I posted what I know is one of my better pieces of writing. Nobody read it.

And dogs!

Why not?

No idea. I do know it will come around again. I’m stubborn. If I think it’s good and I’ve put time into researching and writing it, I’ll run it until I feel it has gotten its due. Every good post deserves a reading.

There are pieces that have done brilliantly that I don’t think are all that good. A few of them have thousands of hits over the years while other pieces I know are far better don’t go anywhere. I’m sure that happens to all of us. There’s really no telling what is going to be a “hit” or a “miss.” There’s no formula that works all the time. Just when you think you’ve got it, it turns on its head and you realize you don’t have it. And probably never will.

There’s a powerful element of sheer chance in publishing. Not just for blogs, but for magazines, books, newspapers. A great book never makes the grade because the perfect publisher never saw it. The right readership never knew about it. It was published before its time … or just a bit too late. It’s still good work and it deserves it’s time in the sun.

So I republish my better pieces — even if no one ever pays any attention to them because I like them. I also republish other people’s pieces. Again. Because I like them and I think so will other people. I also republish posts that relate to specific holidays and historical events. I don’t see any point at all in writing the same thing again and again, though sometimes by the time I’m done with my latest rewrite, I must as well have started from scratch.

Finally, there’s something Tom pointed out which is that there is a reason why television shows are so frequently repeated. Not everyone saw that show. Most people don’t mind seeing it again, if they liked it the first time. That’s how you”make your point,” whatever it may be and accustom people to the concept, the story, whatever it is you are promoting.

None of this stops me from writing new stuff.

With two Scotties

I like writing. I’m always tucking ideas into drafts. Like this one. I gave it a title and a couple of lines to remind me what I wanted to say. I don’t know when I’ll post it because this is a busy time of year. So many photographs make Serendipity very visual and there is not so much space for other stuff I would write. This is not true all year round.

Summer tends to be slow as are the weeks following the holidays and right into early spring. Family holidays are generally terrible, though occasionally, I’ve been surprised.

And then, given our totally insane, whacked out government, I think I can be sure there will ALWAYS be something making me crazy enough to need a good rant. I’ve never lived with an insane government before, so pardon me while I continue to try to make sense of the mess.

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38 replies

  1. I have a similar ‘problem’ – my best writing – NO-ONE reads, or if they do they virtually never offer comment or their view on the topic. Post a pic of a flower however…. 😉

    Maybe i should do more reposts??

    Those are great shots with your little guys by the way ( i’m including Garry in that!) 😉

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    • Include me out, Bob!! (Thanks, Sam Goldfish)

      Liked by 1 person

    • The good stuff gets read. Eventually and sometimes, over time. But if mostly, you post flowers and not much writing, everyone will look for flowers and essentially ignore the writing. I started out writing and photography was never the main feature — except seasonally, in autumn or if we were on vacation somewhere particularly lovely. I don’t post flowers of the day, for example … unless it’s one exceptional flower. You sort of need to decide what you want people to pay attention to and then YOU need to pay attention to it, too. If you only write a little sometimes, not only will people tend to ignore it, but you don’t get better at it if you don’t do it often. I write a LOT better than I did when I started this. Writing every day, all year round, even on vacation teaches you more than any book or course possibly could. It sound so old fashioned, I know, but …

      Like my piece on the Jonestown Massacre. Only a dozen people read it when it was first posted, but over the past four years, more than 10,000 people have read it. Stuff gets read. Sometimes, it needs time and a couple of repeats with rewrites before you get it right. I seriously rewrite things. I don’t just reblog them.

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  2. I repost too with some edits. Sometimes there is major editing, sometimes just a word or two. I realized recently that there were items written here years ago (can you believe it?) and they were only seen once. Some don’t need a replay, that’s for sure, but some I would like to give another chance. As you know, some are much more popular the second time around. Some also get a reblog over to Sunday Night Blog to direct people back this way.

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  3. Being a new reader here, I would welcome some older re-posts. I have trouble remembering what photos I have posted even though I keep a separate folder for them.


  4. And an experience that has done nothing for my already whacked out afib!!


  5. Just love the way you put your ending paragraph… Quote: “And then, given our totally insane, whacked out government.”

    This truly has been a unique experience!!!

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  6. As it’s unlikely we’ll ever get rich from it we might as well publish what we like I think. I occasionally pick a “rerun” from your posts but usually I read them anyway because I enjoy them.

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  7. I see some of your blogs I’ve witnessed before, in particular, pictures, but I love every moment. I agree, sometimes you change up or add something that feels more appropriate or even more profound than the original. Keep going and don’t look back (by that I mean the need to explain). We love your posts, you and Garry both, and it’s a complete delight to see the mind set and how it may have changed and or perceived a previous blog. For my part, I usually turn to Maxine when I’m in a quandry, or it could just be Maxine Monday which I’ve negated. Either way, I enjoy your posts immensely 🙂

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  8. Life is full of repeats and hopefully we learn from them. Write on Marilyn.

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  9. It’s similar to a newspaper. Yesterday’s news is dead news and no one really remembers the details. I am often surprised at reactions to what write. I get better reactions to stuff I don’t think so good.

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