No Halloween visitors expected here on our street. It’s dark and quiet with long shadows from tall trees.

We used to run out of candy back in Boston. Here, we don’t buy candy. At all. We live so far from anything kids won’t come down our long, dark street … and especially not our long, dark driveway where the trees lean in from both sides.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

It’s dark and lonely and it would be a perfect Halloween path for the brave of heart. But kids are not brave. They want well-lit suburban houses.

Scary should not be really scary. So they go into town where the street lights make everything cheery and every household has pounds of candy. “Boo” they say, and that’s plenty scary enough.

ART & COMICS: Evil Squirrel’s Nest – Witchy Women

We used to give out 20 pounds of candy every year when in Boston, but out here? No one comes. Even with the lights on. So, happy Halloween. Have some wine with that candy, why don’t you?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

8 thoughts on “GHOULS DON’T DO TAKE OUT”

  1. We live in the city, but haven’t had a single trick-or-treater ring our doorbell in the past three years. Still, I bought two bags of fun size Snickers bars just in case. I’m hoping this Halloween will be the same as it’s been for the past three years so that I’ll be able to have one or two fun size Snicker bars a day for the next few weeks.


  2. We don’t have Halloween. Last year a small group of kids, decided to go trick and treating. I had nothing and was surprised, but at least I knew why. The other Swiss neighbors were quite annoyed at kids ringing doorbells in th evening disturbing their TV Programmes


  3. I’m fed up with the trash sweets you get in boxes this time of year so I’ve bought mini Mars Bars, mini Milky Ways and mini bags of Maltesers, My biggest ever year numbered two kids, so I’ll have a lot of eating to do! Nom nom nom.


  4. I blame the parents for a lot of this stuff. Kids are not allowed hallowe’en because it’s “pagan”, or because the parents are afraid of monsters (I think, considering the roving packs I’ve seen, the monsters should be afraid of THEM), or don’t want their precious treasures to be scared.

    They don’t even allow haunted house events at the town hall now. Might terrorize the kids. Might do them some good, too.

    I used to love halloween. Pure greed, pure candy night, even better than easter.


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