We didn’t get more than a peek at the full autumn colors this year.

Home again.

It was late October by the time the leaves fully changed … and within hours, the rain began to fall. It was heavier rain, lighter rain … and finally, it ended in a crashing storm with high winds (I think they gave it a name — Phillip? I think?).

Gibbs and the great out-of-doors

Almost a million people in New England lost power and some still don’t have it making me feel even worse for those poor souls in Puerto Rico who must be wondering if they will ever rejoin the modern world.

The Mumford River — full foliage!

Photo: Garry Armstrong

There is nothing like the loss of basic power to make you realize what the 19th century was all about.

Except, of course, we were set up to function in that world back then … and now, we most assuredly (at least around here) are not.

Be that as it may, this is what we got of the fall. The only really brilliant shots were taken at the very end of the month and in the rain at that. A few were taken with my least auspicious camera, the tiny one I tuck in my back when I don’t think I’ll be taking pictures at all … what I call my “just in case” camera. At least that.

Both Garry and I took one set of shots on our own property during the rain and let us all applaud for Olympus OM-D weather-resistant cameras! It is nice knowing that a few drops of rain are not likely to ruin my cameras for good and all. I tried to label the pictures as his (Garry’s) and mine, but sometimes the signature is a big small and hard to see.

Since today is the first of November, it is a very good day for a photo roundup of our Autumn shots. There will be some more, of course. November is the month of the bronze and golden oak trees.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

They always run a month behind in the glorious color sweepstakes of autumn. Sometime during this month, when the light is just right, the sun will drift through all the oak trees and turn the rivers to gold. Meanwhile, enjoy what we were able to get of this year’s colors.

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017


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    • Thank you. It was the very end, though we didn’t know it for sure. I thought it might be. When we so much rain so late in the fall, it spoils the scenery. The seasons were messed up this year. Everything was too warm and too late. I’m hoping this isn’t a long-term trend.


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    • We worked rather harder than we usually need to. We had patches of color, mostly near the edge of rivers or ponds. But we went out a lot so we also didn’t miss much πŸ™‚ I do love this time of year. I am not nearly as enthusiastic about the winter which follows.


      • So far, it has been a pale autumn here… pale golden but few flames. I don’t mind our winters so much, they are relatively easy. Not so keen on the cold though with Ani and her open-door policy…

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  3. The Mumford River β€” full foliage – when you have colour it is out of this world! Hard to find a favourite among these photos.


  4. Many of these are beautiful and exquisite. I LOVE the pooch in front of the window. That is beautiful! I also have to say I loved the leaves scattered on the “boardwalk”. Not sure what kind of walk but that picture stands out. The changing colors are so so beautiful, I feel the need to stare at each one. I’m sure I’ll be back throughout the day to gander at these again. Thank you so much! for sharing them.

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  5. Out of all those wonderful photos, the one that really gets my eye is the “leaves on deck”, just a few leaves on the wooden background, but with character. We have sunny weather again, but predicted below zero tempeatures for next week and might have the first snow fall, not a big thing, but it is getting nearer.

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  6. Holy cow, Marilyn, that’s a lot of peeking! πŸ™‚ But thanks for the beauty. We’re in the midst of finally some leaves changing and still being on the trees, while others have already been blown to the ground. Hopefully the sun will come out in time for me to record some of the deep colors.


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